Monday, December 15, 2008

the weekend that was

The Villan Toy show was awesome,
custom toys from some amazing artists!
Otis' rocked it

lou gave us some bevs.

quite a few...drew's gorgeous version of "puck"
Adnate lookin' suss
his toy looking dope

graham is the keg king... demon... maybe...
was amazing.
Jokers set was crazy
sound was good
despite the rain it was packed
Affiks and A13 were dope. x
and because of the devils juice...
im pretty sure i only managed to get 2 photos that werent blurry and fucked.

the next day.. sunday... fucking sunday.
it was great. it was a bit stressful but i had so much fun. i love my workshop family.
you guys are amazing.
and the show looks dope!
gabby found the perfect avocado and it made us all happy.
everyone was happy.

ren was working hard. yay!
graham made some postcards that made the exhibition even doper. you can get them at workshop for 2 dollars. ahah they are pure genius.

the weekend that was.
real busy


Hayley said...

I miss Custards! When is drank time?

custards said...

name time and place and i will bring bells and whistles... possibly Kazoo...

Mr Bananas said...

why am i all red? i look like i'm in a brothel :)

custards said...

i cannot answer this.
but it looks kinda cool

I Miss Cigarettes... said...

Wish we made it to Joker! me and kate had a shit-house of a day that day... Had to run around tryna pay our bond n shit. And then all this other draaaama, opted to drink cheap wine and stay at backpackers. Ahwell, my debut night out will be coming up soon ahaha, will be on the lookout for cool shit to go to. But i think kates already got us covered there...