Tuesday, September 29, 2009

ultimate Sunday Sesh!

compadre's of Workshop (barfly's) Drewfunk and DJ Honzo are gracing us with their presence
(on a professional level, of course) on Sunday the 4th of October.
The Ultimate Sunday session as i like to think of it combines pretty much all of my favourite things.
-friends ...(now see this is the part when YOU get involved)

With Drew painting live on our lovely rooftop balcony, and Mr DJ Honzo playing us some tunes to chill to.. it should be a pretty awesome day!

Last time it went smashingly (despite the rain).. so maybe you should just come and play?
why not?

more info here

yay! life!

Monday, September 28, 2009

folio yo

alright alright alright.
In a (fairly feeble) attempt to organise my life/art/career
We have had to make an online Foilo through my uni's website.. blah blah blah..

this is it if you interested.

its kinda B grade.

fuck it.

Friday, September 25, 2009

days like that!

just saying.
I'm NOT a festival person.
i had my fun back in the day losing my shoes and my mind in various 'mosh pits' to Millencolin and Beastie Boys etc. but It seems im getting older and generally growing more bitter by the day towards massive events..
but this.. my friends... this festival was made for me.

you see.... Days Like This (although still have a fair cheesy name) was tailored to provide the music connoisseur with a pleasurable line up- with minimal fuckwit presence...
I went last year and had an absoloute blast up in old sydney town taking in Public Enemy, DJ Vadim, Atmosphere, Flying Lotus, Morcheeba, and many more all on one well layed out and civil venue.

this... this is the festival for people who actually want to listen to the music and not just take a million biccies and get laid in a bush behind the Bacardi Breezer tent.


and this is the good bit...

do it when?
see you there lovelies



I love cartoons. I really really do. and I am in no way ashamed of this...
My housemates were making the above meal and we all started singing the 'Bangers and Mash' theme song.

.. and now you will all have it stuck in your heads.

my work here is done...

ive decided to compile a list of shows and what i liked or disliked about them for your reminissing pleasure...

first off the rank.
the super hero i wanted to take to bed the most....
(.. remembering i was around 6 or something... please people)

the best characters...
how dope was that english skull who was always bitching... man.... he was the original emo.

the ones with the best accents.

the two characters who I most wanted to hook up and have super hero babies and ride around on a baby battle cat. .. or Cringer.... as he is casually known.

(look at that stud!!)

the most nerdy... yet somehow i also found this one to be the most believable..

the most fucking annoying...

fucking Mulligrubs sucked man.

obvious one here.. although a little later on than the rest...
winner of hottest?
Jessica Rabbit..

best opening credits goes to?

english did this one well...


Saturday, September 19, 2009


tomorrow night foolz.

to bring:
a happy disposition.

we provide:

you will get:
a loosened grip on sobriety in good company.


wim crouwel

ladies and gentlemen.
Mr. Wim Crouwel

This guy... ill tell ya what.
this guy is she absolute king of type design.
a Helvetica advocate and all round dope designer, pretty much bought the use of grid systems into a whole new realm. and i loves him.

born in the Netherlands, this amazing Dutch Typographer and designer has set the bench mark for millions of young'uns in the field.
check some of this stuff...

this is one of my favourite all time Crouwel designs.
its so beautiful and neat and clean...

Friday, September 18, 2009

the shit works

i usually hate this shit. but
this is pretty cool.


animation teachers showed us this a few weeks back.
fuck its cool!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


im pretty sure this next one reads

"welcome to Ontario. where you can marry a Fag, but you cant smoke one."

mum emails make me giggle.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


In year 11 I did media studies.which was awesome. Because my boyfriend at the time was in year 12 (in the same class as it was a small school) and was a GENIUS at absolutely anything and everything film related. No naturally.. it was a pretty good time for me…. Enough reminissing….
Anyway. I rememeber studying the movie Blade Runner…
The most amazing movie, and also perfect for college students to study; as every little nueonce of information given, every camera angle, every line of script was absoloutley integral to the film.

This is what ruined movies for me for years.
you can read endlessly into Blade Runner. Also the Maltese Falcon.. also an art piece….

But lets not get too technical about all this..

What I’m trying to say is. I learnt too much about making movies by ‘studying’ Blade Runner. I learnt to dissect every piece of information and take it on board as an important knowledge… and after then watching movies like “Van Wilder, Party Liaison”.. started looking at these movies asking “so… what DOES the Hampster in the corner looking for food REALLY symbolise?”

I now realise that I have learn't too much about Graphic Design.

Today alone, I have picked out 2 different typographical mistakes on my (incredibly talented) mates (printed in the hundreds) work. Which is just a flier and looks so amazing. But I can’t help but point it out. …

I don’t know why.
It doesn’t bother me in the slightest if a ‘$’ sign looks like a ‘6’…
the flier works!
People read it as a fucking dollar sign.
Why do I continue to fucking notice this shit!?!?!

hehe... im all like "look at me mum!"

I just went down to see Spinderella at the Kiss studios and there was this amazingly talented chick spraying a character on this wall. Turns out it was a portrait of Spinderella…
At the end she wrote ‘Spinderella” on the top of it… unfortunately, because of the nature of the aerosol medium- the word turned out looking like ‘Sanderellla’… which pissed me off royally. Not because it read wrong to me, but because I noticed it. And it didn’t bother anyone else but me.


This is exactly why I stopped media. (that and my then boyfriend graduated and was no longer there for me to lean on for good marks in group assignments..)
maybe this is exactly what makes a good designer?

Maybe this is what makes a person develop an ‘excessive compulsive disorder’. Who knows?

I can only imagine how many people out there are screaming at me through their computer screens about my terrible punctuation and Orphans and Widows and hyphens and bad typeface choice and over use of the word ‘and’….

hangtime... excuse me!?

soooo.... Spinderella....
.... ages pretty well doesnt she?

and.... she is in Australia?

oh yeah?
where is she playing?

oh cool..
i might just go seeing as though its not a school night for me...

dope shit.
i might just....

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

tilt shift this!


....and in english for all you clearly ignorant people who dont know what cockinton green is... see above link. and note that it is probably the only worthwhile attraction to see in Canberra.
it is a minature town... basically.
anyway. there is this add on TV at the moment.. dont ask me what its an add for.. because i couldnt care less.. but in it. they use this awesome effect called "tilt shifting"...
(which is basically just using a gradient blur mask on the bottom and top of frames of photos)
but it makes all your photos look like MINI-VILLE!

check it.

these are lifesize photos of towns and streets!
nuts isnt it!

and for all of you who are unable to use photoshop.
there is this...

this is prob going to turn into that Polodroid App that everyone started using.. for like 5 days. and then realised that it actually wasn't that cool when everyone was doing it.. but whatevs..
It make landscape shots looks dope... .. don't bother trying it on close up shots as.. by principle and practice... It really doesnt work...

I think there is also an Iphone app somewhere out there is the cyperverse. I have no use for this. but It would be pretty cool....

Fliks thanks to. AUTOMATT

design is for perverts...

so. remember SEMIPERMANENT? no?
well kay. thats alright. its probably because this is the first year they will be visiting the fine city of Melbourne.
Its basically a design confrence. sounds well wanky. and it is a little. but holy shit they have the best speakers there from the most amazing walks of life.

i went back in 2005 in sydney. and Ed Tempelton was there. he was a fucking nutcase... who cares. most artists are right?
Vice was there too.. pretty cool at the time, but i think im a little old to enjoy that trendy crap now. but at the time i thought it was the shit!

anyway. one of the major sponsers is DESIGN IS KINKY.. who are amazing...

but you can check that out yourselves if you actually give a crap about this kinda stuff.

and if you dont i advise you look away cos im about to show you some awesome stuff from some RAFA JENN who are somehow (??) associated with the design is kinky dudes....

this one is called "dear andy"

"you know what i mean"...

and this one... (i want this as a duna cover or a dress or something..)

"...Special edition print for ARTCRANK. Edition of twenty-one. Screen print on acid-free paper. Dimensions: 20" x 24"

$29 + Shipping ( Buy )


.....of course it fucking is....

dope though! no?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

DBTC croft alley


so saturday was a fucking awesome day.
let loose in the Croft Alleyway for 'dont ban the can' takeover.
re painted the whole thing from top to bottom with the help of around 40 locals and a whole lotta spray paint.

I woke up with Rainbow coloured snot... and a massive hangover today.- but my god was it an awesome day.

some pics fo yo pleasure....

lessons from my new Sensei.

tagged it up for Kayta.
got a door to paint.

amazing 27 degree day... spent in an alleyway


there ya have it. not many pics of the other peices. going back in a few days to check it out minus the people. you should too..

xxx c

Friday, September 11, 2009

tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow


this is going to be dope.

come have a beer its going to be like 25degreeeessssss