Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rest In Peace ya blowfly

Todd Webster was larger than life.
I am proud and honoured to say that I consider him one of the most influential people in my life and very close friend.
He showed me constantly how to enjoy life at every second and live it to the maximum.
I can't think of Todd without laughing my head off – even now. It's amazing to think that someone has the ability to do that to someone, as I'm sure he did to the countless people who's lives he has touched with his creepy, creepy screeching.

I'm going to miss you more than you could ever imagine Todd. And having my last conversation with you about how much you love diving, I was convinced you had finally found heaven on earth.

Neck up you Parrot and Ill see you next time.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dia De Los Muertos Party


Seem's to be a running theme in my life right now...
I like being able to help people and causes, by using my skills. As I am fairly poor.
This time, I designed the invitation for, yes, Another fundraiser.
I'm getting heavily into this shit!

A good friend of mine, Jazz is studying youth work, she has a big heart. Her and her friend Tara are volunteering their time at a children's refuge, in Mexico for the month of January 2012.
Money raised will go directly to the refuge.

Its should be a great night, with prizes and drinks and general a general fuzzy feeling you get from helping out people.

Get it quick!

One Sugar (skull) To Go

Last post, I told ya'll about the thing I'm entering into Leukemia Foundation Fundraiser.

Shits going down on Thursday the 3rd of November.
If you are in Perth, I urge you to go and support this great cause.

Its at the Bakery, Its like $20 to go and enjoy lots of entertainment and general radness.

Here is my entry, its finished now!

Monday, October 3, 2011


Its been a while.
Seems mildly pointless for me to start writing in this old thing again!

Reading back through this is pretty rad though.. I used to do so much awesome shit!
Now its just uni work.
44 days to go now though. then I'm free.. maybe I'll start doing awesome crafty things again!

Here is a snippett of some of the rad shit Ive been doing.

I created a stationary label, that I hope one day will be my baby for real!
I did a photoshoot with some mockups. and it came out pretty cool.

Extended my hot sauce collection, quite substantially..
Ive even decided to brand and make my very own hot sauce, (pls excuse the typo in this image!!)
But you get the idea...
Roughly translates to "The Hot Death" and its going to be fucking bangin', if I do say so myself.
I plan to make a Bloody Mary Mix as well!
Guess what my family is getting for christmas this year!?

I've also gone on a crusade to make sure I begin to become a better speller and better user of grammar... I hope it shows... no?

I have turned into a bit of a hippy in the last six months also, and have found myself doing a bit of charity work..
This is the latest.. its for a great cause, One Sugar To Go is a Perth based operation, in its second year.
The idea is that a bunch of artists create a piece of work on a coffee-cup canvas type thingo. The the pieces are auctioned off, all proceeds go to the Leukemia foundation, which is a foundation that is very close to my heart. This oppourtunity is such a great initiative, and I'm stoaked to be a part of it. Being a pov student like me, it's great to be able to contribute in a way that uses my skills and what I love doing.. here are some quick flicks of my entry..

The actual event falls the day after the Day Of the Dead festival, which seems to be a bit of a running theme for me at this point in time. So I decided to create a sugar skull. It also has a bit of a personal meaning for me, that makes it rather relevant to the cause.

you get the idea..

One of my best mates in the entire world has popped out a gorgeous baby girl, Ruby.. who I had the pleasure of living with for the first few months together as mother and baby..
She's almost a year now... its crazy.. She is too fucking cute for words

I've been cooking lots over winter.

I've also started a picture blog with my buddie Tess from Uni... Its egg themed..
Its fairly amazing.
It's called Soft Boiled. However, it's not strictly soft boiled eggs.. hah

If you have any egg photos, please send them to me at custardsss@gmail.com
Turns out I don't eat nearly enough eggs to warrant an entire blog on my own...

All in all, people – Things have been good.
But I'll tell you what, I'm ready for summer.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

its a miracle!


yup. I got all un-lazy and things.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

running theme

It's not new information to me... but Someone pointed out the other day that everytime they see me, I seem to be balancing/putting something different on my head...
Here is a little snippet of some of the interesting things I have decided to don on atop my head...

then convincing others that its a good idea...

I wonder why sometimes.
not too often though.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

one thought

I think we all need to stop spending so much time and effort on things that we are not entirely sure about.

I've come to the realisation that I need to "delegate eggs to baskets" (Using the wise advise of Lady SJ).
Its as important, (if you are as romantic and flippant as I am) to set yourself boundaries, as it is to set yourself goals.