Thursday, January 29, 2009

natural woman!

because we are still sans-camera
im using my shitty fucking mac to show you my arts for the day
they are both pretty similar.

also also.
join join!


lime in the coconut

so far today i have learnt about childhood snoring and 80% of children who have large adenoids..

and i have drunk out of a coconut.

and i will continue to drink from said coconut till i have to go to work.
stay cool in a dungeon of a bedroom, try to achieve as little as possible because this hot weather is the only excuse you will have to do this for a while me thinks.

. back to the coconut.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

wanna be awesome?

this kinda practice.

The Bug (UK) and Warrior Queen (LA)
laundry, THIS sunday! the 25th. should be rad! no excuses too- long weekend!

How could you beat this.. tell me.. how..
Clearly 4th of feb- SoCo Cargo in St.Kilda-
there is only one crap thing about this-
i guarentee you will end up with a sugar come-down/hangover as the only thing you can really drink is Southern Comfort or Coopers.
dope gig none the less!

after these two gigs
MAYBE you can be as thug and awesome as us.



things of mine that are broken.(not yet broken... but impending doom looms...)
(still usable.. but annoyingly broken)
both fucked
death to everything MAC!
i plugged adams new ipod into my lovely macbook and it told me to get the new itunes.. then the new Quicktime- and then A WHOLE NEW OPERATING SYSTEM. which is like 100 thousand dollars. not really.. but it seems like alot...
fuck mac and its stupid branding shite.
you suck mac.
if anyone has one of those disks for the MAC OSX.5 (or whatever the fuck it is) that multiple people can use..
can i use it?
or of anyone knows how to fix my baby so i can listen to music again?
computer geniuses out there in web land?

meanwhile.. im trying to stay optomistic as i slowly fail at life...
Mr. T helped me out...
check out THIS dope little gem
picture this
Bruise Brudebaker- ex-marine and vietnam war vetran, now Chicago nightclub bouncer and inspirational source for troubled kids. is forced to enter "THE TOUGHEST MAN IN THE WORLD COMPETITION" to save a rec. centre for the kids! The current holder of the name is a high profile name with funds running from a local crime syndicate!

fuck yo Flavowave!
this is the shit Mr.T was created for!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

people like me

the reason people do this to their dogs is because of people like me.

this is the best thing ive ever seen..
entourage puppies

when dogs take over the world, im going to hell.

Monday, January 12, 2009

custards crafts:givaways!

who wants some of my jam?

tell me in 25 words or less why you want this tasty taste in your gob, and i promise ill send the best answer this tasty tasty jam jam


brought to you, in part, by My Mother,
Ginger and the Letter C!

yes kiddies!
its another exciting installment of:


.. when we left off last time- The Fidel Castro Grass Head was taking shape..
but today
we make JAM!hah
bad pun.

so. thanks to my clumsyness- i only have my Mac Camera-
ill do my best and pray i dont drop my computer into the jam.
jam update
status: looking Greenish cos of not ripe Nectarines which is GREAT. tangy tangy.
Smelling: DOPE
thanks to my mother for teaching me such practices as:
Sterilising Jam jars (see above), how to know when the jam is ready, teaching me to love ginger.
there is the biggest tastiest chunks of ginger in it.

how amazing is Ginger on Brunswick st.
perfect place to get a "Rasta Crusta"- when you dont feel like going home juuuuuust yet.

Ill keep you up to date on the Jam Situation

toe jam - i am a clumsy shit

well.. something highly depressing has just occoured on Egremont St, north fitzroy.

i was taking a photo of my cameras (i know- a little ironic) ready to post about my family of cameras...
when my washing machine load finished- as i was hanging out the washing- i was checking out our dope ass nectarine tree- which- i had actually never noticed was a fruit tree until just now.
when i got all excited about making jam and ran to get my camera to take a photo..

and being the klutz that i am..
bounded through the back door and dropped my camera and fucked the battery

no photos of cameras or nectarine trees.
just a pit of feeling shit about how fucking clumsy i am.

this in no way looks like my nectarine tree

this is not me, and they are not my cameras.
i think this guy might be my role model for the day
he looks like hes eaten a bit of jam in his time.
Roast chicken and gravy flavoured jam.
i hate my life

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

get it together in sydney

after a dope new years. and working a few days... hmm...
SYDNEY TOWN was on the cards!

got up there on the friday and went to see N-Type at the Gaff- this shitty date rape bar on oxford st. but the venue downstairs of the sticky floors and the dancing on the tables and the Cyote Ugly vibe they had happening. was the dopest venue!
it was all underground and dark and heaps of mini levels and stone archways.. and a photobooth?

apart from the fact that the beers were more expensive than drinking at a festival...
Mark Pritchard played with dave (Dizz1) sydney for about an hour or so before N-Type came on and bounced around like a crazy man- playing his fucking crazy grimy dubstep tunes.
such good music-
shit venue...
but get this.. fucking Screem and Benga were playing in Sydney on the SAME NIGHT... olnly 3 doors down from the N-Type gig.
im sorry you crappy greedy sydney club owners- but that was pretty fucked.
it was fine- im glad i went to n-type- apparently the sound at Scream and Benga was a shocker.
why didnt they just get a bigger better venue and have a fucking massive dubstep party instead of making people decide between two crazy awesome international gigs?

it was a dope night and Scream and Benga came and hung out and watched N-Type with us anyway.... then apparently screem went back to back with Ntype at the Benga gig anyway.
its all love!

rant tanty

umm next.
so so so fucking cheap and delicious

i coudnt finish this massivo laksa...
this massive fucker was just 6bucks!


the best festival line up ive ever seen!
highlights were definatley the above.. flying lotus. he was such a great performer and so fucking amazing music.
crazy future man.
sharon jones!
carl craig was apparently amazing but i only saw a bit.
brother ali and atmosphere!
ahh.. the list goes on.
vadim and yarra bravo.
and of course. good to know... Public Enemy are all still the most amazing crack heads.
they were awesome.

i had the freeking best holiday!


Monday, January 5, 2009

been busy relaxing in a hurry

just got off the plane from old Sydney town listening to the boys Affiks and Aonethree on PBS radio. you'd think id had enough music..
apparently its not possible.

first up.
in canberra with the parents and my brother and my bearded lady.Teiko is the best fucking dog. i love teiko

next was new years
Mojitos and happinesss and stuff.

then the next day abbey saved my soul at section 8

and some ladies ate my head.
and then i went on a mission with Bec cos Section 8 ran out of ice and we had to go up to Workshop and grab massive garbage bags of ice and SAVED THE PARTY!

maybe ill save days like this the the sydney happyfuntimes for another entry as i am fucking rinsed from the whole ordeal.

peas and carrots