Monday, January 5, 2009

been busy relaxing in a hurry

just got off the plane from old Sydney town listening to the boys Affiks and Aonethree on PBS radio. you'd think id had enough music..
apparently its not possible.

first up.
in canberra with the parents and my brother and my bearded lady.Teiko is the best fucking dog. i love teiko

next was new years
Mojitos and happinesss and stuff.

then the next day abbey saved my soul at section 8

and some ladies ate my head.
and then i went on a mission with Bec cos Section 8 ran out of ice and we had to go up to Workshop and grab massive garbage bags of ice and SAVED THE PARTY!

maybe ill save days like this the the sydney happyfuntimes for another entry as i am fucking rinsed from the whole ordeal.

peas and carrots

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