Friday, July 31, 2009

%100 D-O-M-E-S-T-I-C

okay okay. so it's Friday morning and I'm up early. Feeling pretty good about life, as i have woken up to the joy of finishing a book.

I go out, and pay a bill then spend about 40 mins in one of my favourite shops on Smith st. Book Affair. oh yeah baby. I read so hard, my eyes got paper cuts.
bought a new book and considered my movements for the day....

wander into Woolies and am struck by the desire to make either (a) Relish- as my supplies for the previous batch have been exhausted. or (b) SUSHI!

if anyone knows anything about me, they will know that I love condiments more than most things. so naturally, Relish it was.

as i am on a budget- I weighed up my vegetable selection. then I remembered something.
something some wise man once told me...

he told me (and im not going to name names COUGHgaryCough) that when he visits Woolies- he makes sure to visit the self serve counter, at which, all fruit and vegetables must be weighed by the customer (as you may well know)
the trick here, is to weigh everything as 'potatoes' as they are the cheapest by the kilo and heaviest.
with this option available- i decided to make both the Relish and the Sushi.
(all of which ingredients for both cost me a measly $19.50.
not bad not bad!!

and this... was resulting.

so the relish is really tasty. not as sweet as last time and with a bit more chilli and a kinda moroccan swing to it.
oh yeah.. and this is where i consumed it and will continue to read my new book.. after gloating about my awesome Friday...

ROBOT KOCH- robots dont sleep

this mix is a little dated now i guess
but fuck its amazing.
git it in ya

custard's library, never let me go

by Kazuo Ishiguro.

I know and realise that not all people want to know about the books other people read. and sometimes I even avoid writing mini reviews of books (especially if I've just finished reading 'the devil wears prada".. or some other trashy shit)
but this time.. this book caught me by surprise..
im not even going to try to explain the content to you.. because its pretty heavy, and will probably ruin the book for you.
but is basically set in England pretty much present day. its nothing fantastical or new age or chick lit... its just a fucking good read.
I recomend you do as i did- and if you feel like reading a book that takes an whole new perspective on science, life, love and identity then read this shit. cos it might just change your life. it might also make you cry (as it did me, mind.. i cried in Godzilla.. it doesnt take much to make tears to roll down these cheeks.)
But please please dont DONT read any Wikipedia or googled or ANY summaries of the novel, as a guarentee, it will give everything away, and the most amazing thing about this novel is the way you travel along with the characters and discover things with them.
this book is remarkably written. and if you are like me, and love to read books the watch the movie thats been made that is 'based on' the book, and love the feeling of let down, as you think about the hours wasted after finishing the movie- only to know that you did the right thing and read the book.
you should read this because rumour has it, its being released as a film in 2010.

i trust youll make the right decision.
what a shitty book review.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

weeks and weeks and weeks

im alive! im well. bar a slight unshakable cold/flu/non-swine related infection. i am great!

i realise my posts have been sporadic and boring of late and i endeavor to resurrect this situation with a post full of photos and fun things that are up coming that i like. yay!
so here are some of my favourite photos from my bithday weekend a few weeks back now.. but i only just got them back.. and i had to get around to scanning them- so... deal with it.

first thing first..
tomorrow night in MELBOURNE!
this night is always pretty hillarious in some kinda way.
i always end up trashed basically.
lotsa arty wankers with lots of money to spend... (hopefully on me!!!)
so i chucked some stuff in..
i have pictures of them for you here so you dont have to come just to see my stuff.

now we have some birthday photos!!!!
these are from Joe Nice... i think....

it was pretty windy at black cat.

this was my birthday FEAST!
wine and GIANT CARDS!

and here is my puppy...
i went back to visit the olds in canberra over the weekend. which was relaxing and interestng....
i DID get to see my Teiko puppy.. which was awesome. how could you not miss that face!?

also this week... when i have been slightly AWOL...
Alicia and i went on DEAL OR NO DEAL!
which.. was a pretty big deal...
this was Alicias face when we found out.!!


anyway. i ended up winning $500 bucks from the correct guess.. on the suitcases... for any of you deal or no deal fanatics that actually KNOW what im on about.... i got to be case number 26!!!!
so i got to do the BOOYA dance... which was fun..
it also means that everyone at work have now started calling me "BOOYA"..
im yet to decide if i like this new name or not.. ill get back to ya.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Friday, July 17, 2009


alright alightalrightalright

ill be at fucking work. but have a beer and look tough for me.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

gloaty gloat

okay. so i dont really want to gloat...
but i will.
check out my new shit! and the rad birthday i had.

lobster is ma grillllllllllll

lunch... at Sahara...
all MUST go here...
aweesha and wine

ma neeeeew pencils!
some pretty flowers from my lover and his mother... awww

ear lobe ornaments.


just sayin'.
oh.. and the beautiful new SLR i took all these photos on.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


i think i found my favourite ever Phibs sticker....

found at
the everfresh blog

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


art tip- photos

Kevin Van Aelst Kevin Van Aelst
this shit is awesome. i came accross the Apple image on one of my all time favourite sites
"INSPIRE ME NOW". just type it into google... yep. check this stuff.
i love food oriented photography.

Kevin lives in Conneticuit now. born in new york. a photography teacher and also illustrates for a few american magazines.

Kevin was born in Elmira, New York and did most of his growing up in central Pennsylvania. He recieved a B.A. in Psychology from Cornell University in 2002 and an M.F.A. from the University of Hartford in 2005. He currently lives and works in New Haven, Connecticut. He has taught photography classes at the University of Hartford Art School, Middlesex Community College, and currently is teaching at Quinnipiac University and ACES/Educational Center for the Arts High School Program. He is a recipient of a 2008 fellowship grant from the Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism. Photos of his can be seen weekly illustrating "The Medium" in the New York Times Magazine.

his website aint the prettiest thing ever, and its not got that many images. but if you wanna see more..

Saturday, July 11, 2009

art tip- see it DALI

So Wednesday this week, after a freekin amazing breakfast with sophie at Cumulus. We went and checked out Dali: Liquid Desire exhibition that is on right now at the NGV on St. Kilda Road. (as if there is anyone who didnt already know this was on)
apart from being totally PACKED with annoying people and tour groups. it looks like a pretty amazing and comprehensive show.

Ill have to go back another day- as it was driving us all crazy the ammount of people who were there. and the ammount of people who bring their tiny babies to a show like this. but reguardless. some of my highlights.

The main buzz for me was this Film called "destino" which was created by Salvador Dali and Walt Disney.
ive spoken to a number of people who have seen it... and i dont know quite i havent unitl now, but this 7min long film is worth my $18 concession ticket price alone!
everyone in the world needs to see this.
here is a trailor.

and a little pic.
It is exactly what you would expect from a love child of the two. Their skills and personality shine through and the score is pretty amazing too.

another surprise was this little ditty- and i DO mean little.
this painting is actually fucking tiny!
i really did not expect that. im not sure if that makes it more or less impressive.
but its pretty amazing.

also. one of my all time fave Dalis.
"Soft Portrait with Rasher of Bacon"

Due to it being permenantly packed in there- i have gone to the effort of estimating the perfect date to go to this exhibition. Directly in the middle of the show on a tuesday. Id say August the 18th or the 11th would be idea viewing times.
im going to test the theory...

Friday, July 10, 2009

exciting to no end.

things that are getting me excited this week.
totally apart from having the most best birthday ive ever had... (photos to come of the glorious days)

this is no ones dog i know but its exciting me.
things not exciting me:
-Picking uni subjects
- kayta threatening to morph into John Farnham.
-when nailpolish chips off when im at work because of stupid detergent and hot water making nails manky.
-sore throats
-having to work early on sunday after said party.

i think thats it.
thanks for the birthday love!

Monday, July 6, 2009