Tuesday, July 28, 2009

weeks and weeks and weeks

im alive! im well. bar a slight unshakable cold/flu/non-swine related infection. i am great!

i realise my posts have been sporadic and boring of late and i endeavor to resurrect this situation with a post full of photos and fun things that are up coming that i like. yay!
so here are some of my favourite photos from my bithday weekend a few weeks back now.. but i only just got them back.. and i had to get around to scanning them- so... deal with it.

first thing first..
tomorrow night in MELBOURNE!
this night is always pretty hillarious in some kinda way.
i always end up trashed basically.
lotsa arty wankers with lots of money to spend... (hopefully on me!!!)
so i chucked some stuff in..
i have pictures of them for you here so you dont have to come just to see my stuff.

now we have some birthday photos!!!!
these are from Joe Nice... i think....

it was pretty windy at black cat.

this was my birthday FEAST!
wine and GIANT CARDS!

and here is my puppy...
i went back to visit the olds in canberra over the weekend. which was relaxing and interestng....
i DID get to see my Teiko puppy.. which was awesome. how could you not miss that face!?

also this week... when i have been slightly AWOL...
Alicia and i went on DEAL OR NO DEAL!
which.. was a pretty big deal...
this was Alicias face when we found out.!!


anyway. i ended up winning $500 bucks from the correct guess.. on the suitcases... for any of you deal or no deal fanatics that actually KNOW what im on about.... i got to be case number 26!!!!
so i got to do the BOOYA dance... which was fun..
it also means that everyone at work have now started calling me "BOOYA"..
im yet to decide if i like this new name or not.. ill get back to ya.


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Hayley said...

Dear Booya,

I miss you! I'm glad you're still alive...and rich!

H x