Saturday, July 11, 2009

art tip- see it DALI

So Wednesday this week, after a freekin amazing breakfast with sophie at Cumulus. We went and checked out Dali: Liquid Desire exhibition that is on right now at the NGV on St. Kilda Road. (as if there is anyone who didnt already know this was on)
apart from being totally PACKED with annoying people and tour groups. it looks like a pretty amazing and comprehensive show.

Ill have to go back another day- as it was driving us all crazy the ammount of people who were there. and the ammount of people who bring their tiny babies to a show like this. but reguardless. some of my highlights.

The main buzz for me was this Film called "destino" which was created by Salvador Dali and Walt Disney.
ive spoken to a number of people who have seen it... and i dont know quite i havent unitl now, but this 7min long film is worth my $18 concession ticket price alone!
everyone in the world needs to see this.
here is a trailor.

and a little pic.
It is exactly what you would expect from a love child of the two. Their skills and personality shine through and the score is pretty amazing too.

another surprise was this little ditty- and i DO mean little.
this painting is actually fucking tiny!
i really did not expect that. im not sure if that makes it more or less impressive.
but its pretty amazing.

also. one of my all time fave Dalis.
"Soft Portrait with Rasher of Bacon"

Due to it being permenantly packed in there- i have gone to the effort of estimating the perfect date to go to this exhibition. Directly in the middle of the show on a tuesday. Id say August the 18th or the 11th would be idea viewing times.
im going to test the theory...

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