Wednesday, December 30, 2009

just the way it is

can't blog.

you understand.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

CLASS A, classy eh?

just putting this out there for yall.

This is Class A.
beside being totally one smokable lady, turns out she is actually a super talented MC.

This young lass has recently released a video clip called 'fitzroy'.. which is a super summery clip. Its a 2 part summer banger.
sit back, grab some goon and enjoy summer '09'10.

. warning: some persons may be offended by dancing skills showcased within this clip.

Friday, December 4, 2009


I love Letraset.
The shit designers used to use for headers and.. pretty titles and stuff.
just basically a transfer.

this awesome stuff was taken off the market for a while- and the art store i used to work in was a Mecca for this shit.
We had boxes and boxes and boxes of discontinued typefaces, that people used to come and rummage through. desperate to stock up before they were no longer.

now the shit has been a little bastardised- those fucking scrap book wenches have bashed the stuff in... writing shit like "lovely journey" beside a photo of their cat on a leash.

pretty abstract

there is some pretty awesome stuff you can make with the stuff..

get on it.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

more crafty cuts

let me tell you a story of a bunch of hungry young DJ's.

One night, as some DJ's and revellers stepped out of their various gigs and put down there beers, a strange hunger took over them. The time? around 3am. their hunger? insatiable.

what better way to quell it than a late night asian fix?
Noodle Kingdom was discovered...

Noodle Kingdom has become somewhat of an institution, and now,
our love is forever preserved.
in t shirt form.

limited run of 4.

just because I could only afford 4 t shirts, and my table isnt big enough to fit anymore for printing.


sund'y, innit?

this sunday friends!

although i will be slaving away at work.
im pretty sure you should go.
and you should probably take a case of these...

because im pretty sure that summer is all about good music, mates and west coast coolers. Innit?