Monday, March 30, 2009

really? again?

oh yes.. its that time of year again...

brace yourself, fool

Friday, March 27, 2009

your buying WHAT!?

yes its NYC garbage in a cube.

A recent NPR story profiled an intriguing artist and entrepreneur named Justin Gignac. In that story, titled: “Treasure or Trash? Artist Says It’s in the Packaging”, Gignac puts forth a persuasive argument. While an intern at MTV, Gignac relates that he engaged in a discussion with his fellow workers. One of them expressed the opinion that “. . .they thought package design wasn’t important”, according to Gignac.

That made Gignac rise to the challenge. “So I figured the only way to prove them wrong would be to try to package something that absolutely nobody in their right mind would ever want to buy.” Garbage.

That was a few years ago. Since he began, Gignac has sold over 1000 trash cubes of--selective New York City garbage--around the globe. Making the cubes “compositionally appealing”, Gignac sold his cubes initially as “gag gifts” for $10 each. Now, the cubes sell for as much as $100. Each sealed box comes signed, numbered and tagged as

“Garbage of New York City”.

A small affixed sticker records the date the trash was selected for the cube.


i want to make a wall of my room out of them... but ones from different countries.
... and ones that have been sanitised...

thank you mr rudd!

first off
whats with this guy??!
"alive and cooking" =worst cooking show ever- and im putting it below ramsays hells kitchen... and thats a big big call.. (kitchen nightmares is a different story- that one happens to be in my top 5...
fucking dick!

yet... i still watch...

on to more important things.
you smiling assasin.
i am now $950 richer. and therefore 950x happier.
.. yet i cant help but feeling like oliver?



also .. afterwards come to workshop... instead of the espy.
heaps good

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I knew this girl from canberra called Hilary.

always a good quality lady!
it seems now she is kicking out some cute little illustrations that I've come across in her blog,
ive been meaning to put these up for some time now- and i figure- now.
while im supposed to be doing various assignments and online classes would be the perfect time.

git yo tip on

i really really like felt tip pens.

and these are just the ones sitting next to me!
so imagine my excitement when i stumble across this little ditty of a show on the Everfresh blog...

pretty sure its melbourne.
i know im excited..

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

enroll today!


its gooooooood


what a genius idea- a paper pin hole camera.
i hate when you think you invented something. then it shows up a few weeks later- and even better than you would have made it.

like that time i thought it would be awesome to make a room that was made out of trampolines and cushions...
then i realised it already existed in jumping-castle form.


Monday, March 23, 2009


its easter soon
and i know its supposed to be like this..

but we know its about this...
and should definitely involve this...

Saturday April 11
The Laundry - 50 Johnston St Fitzroy

HEAVY INNIT!! present their first ever Easter weekend banger with two very special guests from the UK. Visionary producer/DJs Kromestar and Harmonic313 join us for our biggest party yet over two slammin levels on Saturday April 11 at The Laundry. Kromestar(Tempa/Deep Medi Musik) supplies a fat stack of reggae-inspired bassweight dubstep and soulful grime whilst Mark Pritchard AKA Harmonic313(Warp) promises heavy beat science with that trademark intergalactic retro/future flavour. 12 hours of dubstep, grime, future beats and next level hip-hop provided by some of the UKs finest; plus a bunch of switched-on locals including Simon Winkler(3RRR), A13, L-J(SubFM), AC23 ft. Fraksha, Affiks, Ms Butt, Thomas Kilroc and Baddums. Ticket info coming soon… Easter Sunday may never be this good again. Get ready.

thank you Mr. Baddums

It also happens to be the venue of Sir. A13's birthday party!
so don some dancing boots and dont drink for at least a week before - remember your NoDoz and join us!
so dont be sad. its not about silly religious festivities..

this is the REAL meaning of easter

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

rutty mc rut rut

im currently in a gigantic rut-
i know not what to do but whine about it on my blog.

yay for my readers who have to suffer the whining.
although- as per usual- it will be punctuated with delicious and at times, hillarious snippets of things ive found on the wonderful labyrinth that is the interwwweb.

package design-
brief. as interpreted by me. so it will be brief..
the task of designing a socially, economically and entironmentally sustainable packaging solution for an existing product, to (hopefully.. get good marks at uni) resolve a packaging issue/problem, or create something that makes our lives easier (prettier) and more sustainable..

blah blah...

i found some dope package designs which i think people need to see!

this specimen is Swedish crisp bread made by the Japanese-.. oooOOOooo ergonomic.

japanese banana drink
...every burger...
i actually used to eat these... they taste like weird.
mmmm..."beware... too healthy to resist" reads the slogan...hmmmm
"beware... boogers" comes to my mind...
this is actually dope.
james jean wine..
i dont care if it tastes like liquid gorilla boogers
the clue is in the name...



thank you

thank you to the person who stole my idea for a matchbox for packaging design.
... they probably pulled it off better than i would have anyway... so im kinda glad they did this- the world needed these matches.

and thank you pay day- for validating my purchases...
not thank you to my stupid camera which is still broken.but thats entirely my fault.
.. backwards photos it is!
enjoy the sun!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


something to talk about

ahhh... and thats friday wrapped up in a neat little package.


whats brown and rhymes with snoop?


i dno.. ill let you know tomorrow





probably around 11


can i post that on my bog now?


you may

with my permission

... and that my friends...

is the dad joke of the After (in this case during) Grog Blog.

thanks toby!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

my brain hurts

(warning- this may bore some- for these people- i have punctuated the writings with amusing and quite irrelevant pictures)

so today, in my lessons.
(this sounds like some period novel- where i might be learning to cure plums or crochet)

no.. today i was reading this article about design and its effect on the environment, etc etc etc. Came across the writings of this guy called.. Anthony= or something. Pretty predominant design theorist.
anyway- he started talking about how much information people -everyone- puts out into the world everyday.
there was this crazy statistic how 95% of theorists and scientists (smart people with published work) are alive today- 95% FUCKING PERCENT!

and all of them are trying to find ways of sifting through information- like.. nerve systems and jungles and foreign molecular structures and the internet etc. and the way they do that is by writing down MORE shit for people to sift through!

did that make sense?
but what im getting at is this. when the first tanks and ships and planes were built- there would be these massive MASSIVE manuals and running instructions- books and books and millions and millions of pages long.. and they would have to carry this shit in the cockpit with them- when the plane was flown/boat was sailed etc.
there are so many instances where the pure weight of this paper would actually weigh down the cockpits of planes and actually change the fucking things centre of gravity and change the maneuverability and shit. \
i do realise that any weight on board would cause this to happen- ie people, supplies etc. but man- thats alot of paper. and a lot of info to sift through...
RECYCLE! USE USBS instead of burning disks! yay!
people today are producing between 1 and 2 billions gigabites of original information per year, thats roughly 250 megabytes for every man woman and child on the planet.

enough of my rambles.
yay. if you are feeling as art wanky as me


k bye

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

happy tuesday

its getting dark at 7 and its cold and im grumpy but there are some good things to look forward to. ie. Ladette to Lady at 9:30
and baby moccasons..

cheer up kiddies! its one less day of work this week!

femme guild of sydney unites

big up to my sydney femme fags!

this is fucking hillarious!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Friday, March 6, 2009

such is life

so... first week back at uni was productive.

if anyone needs to know basic HTML script.
im your lady.
i was even considering writing this post in HTML... but then i realised there is no fucking point because there are programs that DO IT FOR YOU!


anyone need a house mate?
i need a house bad.