Wednesday, March 18, 2009

rutty mc rut rut

im currently in a gigantic rut-
i know not what to do but whine about it on my blog.

yay for my readers who have to suffer the whining.
although- as per usual- it will be punctuated with delicious and at times, hillarious snippets of things ive found on the wonderful labyrinth that is the interwwweb.

package design-
brief. as interpreted by me. so it will be brief..
the task of designing a socially, economically and entironmentally sustainable packaging solution for an existing product, to (hopefully.. get good marks at uni) resolve a packaging issue/problem, or create something that makes our lives easier (prettier) and more sustainable..

blah blah...

i found some dope package designs which i think people need to see!

this specimen is Swedish crisp bread made by the Japanese-.. oooOOOooo ergonomic.

japanese banana drink
...every burger...
i actually used to eat these... they taste like weird.
mmmm..."beware... too healthy to resist" reads the slogan...hmmmm
"beware... boogers" comes to my mind...
this is actually dope.
james jean wine..
i dont care if it tastes like liquid gorilla boogers
the clue is in the name...




Kayta said...

I love love love love that banana packaging.

Mr Bananas said...

that banana drink is sick!

custards said...

now all i want is banana drink.

im pretty sure its called a smoothie..

i want smoothie

Miglet said...

You should do custard packaging.
You could package yourself.
It's easy cos you're already packaged in flesh and stuff.
Easy peasy.

custards said...

you have solved everything mig lady!
im done!

maybe ill mass produce myself and make monkey-in-a-bucket-style custards.

.. thats the best idea...