Wednesday, March 11, 2009

my brain hurts

(warning- this may bore some- for these people- i have punctuated the writings with amusing and quite irrelevant pictures)

so today, in my lessons.
(this sounds like some period novel- where i might be learning to cure plums or crochet)

no.. today i was reading this article about design and its effect on the environment, etc etc etc. Came across the writings of this guy called.. Anthony= or something. Pretty predominant design theorist.
anyway- he started talking about how much information people -everyone- puts out into the world everyday.
there was this crazy statistic how 95% of theorists and scientists (smart people with published work) are alive today- 95% FUCKING PERCENT!

and all of them are trying to find ways of sifting through information- like.. nerve systems and jungles and foreign molecular structures and the internet etc. and the way they do that is by writing down MORE shit for people to sift through!

did that make sense?
but what im getting at is this. when the first tanks and ships and planes were built- there would be these massive MASSIVE manuals and running instructions- books and books and millions and millions of pages long.. and they would have to carry this shit in the cockpit with them- when the plane was flown/boat was sailed etc.
there are so many instances where the pure weight of this paper would actually weigh down the cockpits of planes and actually change the fucking things centre of gravity and change the maneuverability and shit. \
i do realise that any weight on board would cause this to happen- ie people, supplies etc. but man- thats alot of paper. and a lot of info to sift through...
RECYCLE! USE USBS instead of burning disks! yay!
people today are producing between 1 and 2 billions gigabites of original information per year, thats roughly 250 megabytes for every man woman and child on the planet.

enough of my rambles.
yay. if you are feeling as art wanky as me


k bye

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custards said...

in my drunken state, i just realised just how poorly (poor poor poorly) written this entry is.

here is custards apologizing for my amazingly amazing lack of skills..