Monday, March 23, 2009


its easter soon
and i know its supposed to be like this..

but we know its about this...
and should definitely involve this...

Saturday April 11
The Laundry - 50 Johnston St Fitzroy

HEAVY INNIT!! present their first ever Easter weekend banger with two very special guests from the UK. Visionary producer/DJs Kromestar and Harmonic313 join us for our biggest party yet over two slammin levels on Saturday April 11 at The Laundry. Kromestar(Tempa/Deep Medi Musik) supplies a fat stack of reggae-inspired bassweight dubstep and soulful grime whilst Mark Pritchard AKA Harmonic313(Warp) promises heavy beat science with that trademark intergalactic retro/future flavour. 12 hours of dubstep, grime, future beats and next level hip-hop provided by some of the UKs finest; plus a bunch of switched-on locals including Simon Winkler(3RRR), A13, L-J(SubFM), AC23 ft. Fraksha, Affiks, Ms Butt, Thomas Kilroc and Baddums. Ticket info coming soon… Easter Sunday may never be this good again. Get ready.

thank you Mr. Baddums

It also happens to be the venue of Sir. A13's birthday party!
so don some dancing boots and dont drink for at least a week before - remember your NoDoz and join us!
so dont be sad. its not about silly religious festivities..

this is the REAL meaning of easter

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