Friday, February 27, 2009

d is for dont step on my trousers and Diana

Alicia .
happy birthday for the 21st. late i know.
but i needed the appropriate photo to accompany the note.

thank you diana for your awesome photos. they are so pretty.
i would want my wedding photos to be taken with this camera-
only it could get awkward seeing as Diana would also be the Bride...

i went to an art exhibition last night called 'fox and Crow' i believe.
and have come to a decision that it is acceptable to charge for beers if cheese cubes are provided.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

funeral songs

i was looking through my "possible funeral songs" playlist on my ITunes.
and realised this probably wasn't an appropriate candidate..
maybe for the last song at the wake.?

good tune though.


you know when you wish you created something?
i dont really wish i made this- but id like to know who the person who did is.?.
but i dont.
and ive spent about 15 mins trying to find out who did it/who knows....

im 98% sure it wasnt this guy- who came up in my search results.
anyone who owns that Rodney P album should look on the inside cover and remind me of the dudes name?
i like this picture too....

musing for tuesday. (tick box)

Monday, February 16, 2009

ARTS and shit!

cracker of a show coming up at the olde workshoppe.
brand new cocktail list should be up in time for this fucking amazing show!

our lovely Katie Houghton-Ward is a big time amazing illustrator. i met her about 8 months ago when she moved over here form NZ and brought her crazy ass talent with her!

just a mini taster to wet your palate

yeah... fucking nuts eh?
she exhibit is a big f a teaser for her new works for US Comic Mag. Heavy Metal.
which- is a pretty fucking awesome feat, if you are any bit of a comic book nerd!

Bec Wheeler, Drew and Steven Ives join her in a colab show.
so come down and drool away.

Friday, February 13, 2009

oh and one last thing....

i have decided to give a review of my favourite movies of the week and why.

1. The Wrestler.
- This film is sensational. you can pretty much taste the sweat blood and tears from meters away from the actual screen.
anyone can tell you, i fucking love wrestling and anything that validates the sportsmanship in it is okay with me- and the cinamatography... shiettt.
dont even bother arguing the validity of this film. sensational

2. Tropic Thunder (remembering, i dont go to the movies 7 times a week.. this is based on things i have seen this week).
Tropic Thunder. HILLARIOUS
this- coming from someone who own "Bio Dome"
Tropic Thunder. AMAZING
this- coming from someone who owns Band of Brothers.
please see this movie and try and find Tom Cruise.

3. Strictly Ballroom
yep. all mushy on ya.
fuck it.
its dope. laugh in front of your mates all you want.. but i know you love it too.

4. Helvetica.
fuck it. nerdography.
i know people who avidly went out of their way NOT to see this film who loved it.

5. Ratatoullie- the amazing Pixal film about a rat who can cook.
fucking stunning. id be a better cook if i were vermon.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

"your folks might understand you, by and by...

bite yo lip
and take a trip!

many things have happened tonight that need mention.
Abbey- you all know abbey,
if you have been to section 8 or Southpaw latley you know the gorgeous Abbey.
Abbeys father lost his home to the fires.
really fucking sad.
but he is a trooper as we all should be.
and we should all troop o and help these people..
51mill aint enough to support kevin rudds money giving and the insurance claims about to be made!

everyone also knows our favourite socialite/trashbag/promoter/bird friend LIZZIE RASCALL. from TPC is leaving us in... less than 3 weeks.
which, to me, is highly depressing.
but... in order to quell my anger/depression has had her long awaited (by Alicia-the drunken sailor and myself) farewell wardrobe sale.
and.. excuse me while i get mediocre 'fash blog' on yo asses...
i pretty much scored, big time...
.., just realised what it is to constantly post photos of yourself.
im not a fan.
but my new knits are pretty fucking fresh,
does anyone else here match their nailpolish to their knits?

probably lizzie....

i concur.. for the evening....

reow etc.

i have finally ressurected/solved ways to overcome my little spill of 'technology failing me.

there was a number of items that turned to shit on me all at once.
and im proud to say- after a few weeks of not trying to fix any of them, i finally got off my arse and out of my vortex of technology spurred depression and realised that i can fix almost any problem.
MP3 player = dead
ive had this baby for about 5+ years now. it may look alot like a brick and a walkmans' love child- but man, ive dropped this thing so many times and its done me good. unfortunately, because it is so extremely geriatric- parts are no longer made for it- and it is un-serviceable-
Rest In Peace my precious. you were the best MP3 device ever created.

camera just needs a new battery. not terminal.

i tunes and computer are dopeer than ever now. NEW operating system thanks to rowan!
LEAPORD X! and its sex.
talk about silver linings!

talking about silver-
check out my new favourite necklace from my original favourite person
necklace trinkets + art supplies = ultimate dopeness! they are made by a local girl i think. anyway- you can git your hands on one of a few dif sizes etc from Hear Now record store in the city.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

yeeeeeeipp! its on again!

what better way to spend your valentines day than slamming shots of Tequila with a bunch of wasted people who couldnt give a fuck about hallmark?
yeah! do it!

Saturday February 14
The Laundry - 50 Johnston St, Fitzroy

Sydney’s monthly club night VOID and FBI Radio show Garage Pressure have been responsible for introducing the sound of UK dubstep and grime to an Australian audience to for some time now. Two of the crews greatest contributors, Victim(VOID) and Paul Fraser(Aquatic Lab/Garage Pressure) fly to Melbourne on Saturday February 14 for a battle of bassweight at HEAVY INNIT!! featuring resident DJs Affiks, A13, Wasabi, Shikung and Baddums. Six hours of the heaviest hip-hop, grime, dubstep and future beats downstairs at The Laundry from 9pm til 3am. $5 on the door.

those times when you can wear a tie and not look like a dick.

suit up motherfuckers.
this friday at No Vacancy in the city.each artist got a card (eg. Drew got jack of clubs) to design.
and they are selling the decks for like $20 or something. 2000 of them available.
should be killer!

pity ill be at work...

Monday, February 9, 2009

if women were in charge of the world

usually i cant stand forward emails- but my mum's are usually pretty freekin great.

give us a hand, mate?!

these fires are fucking tragic.
and i know everyone is donating money and i would if i had some.

i urge all of you to donate blood.
its free and it helps out a fuckload.
plus you usually get free chocolates and milkshakes and of course that warm fuzzy sense that only charity work will give ya.

please please please take 1/2 an hour out of you days to go and do it if you can.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009


last nights television viewing consisted of a bunch of fat people crying, followed by really fit people dancing followed by homeless people singing.

It reminded me of this time i was walking down the street in the city- outside grilled or something- some burger joint... anyway. i remember seeing this family of fatties in the place- and thinking about the whole 'obese epidemic' that Australia is apparently falling into because cities have become an endless labyrinth of Maccas chains and burgers with legs and coupons.
as the family took their take out and walked down the street consuming burgers and jamming fries into their mouths.. (fucking Swanson st is the bane of my existence)
and there was this homeless guy. real frail and begging. and this fucking little shit of a fat girl- all of about 10- walked up to the homeless dude and put half a burger into the bin. whilst staring him down in a 'sucks-to-be-you kinda way.

you fucking little shit!
i want to meet you again and id be willing to use all the money i have to buy hundreds of big mac meals and make you sit in a room with all the starving people in melbourne and make you watch them eating the tasty snacks!
i was going to say " feed you those hundreds of meals as punishment. but your such a sick little fat spoilt fuck that youd probably love it!!!!

so this is for you, blondie.
ill see you in a few years on the biggest loser.

eat some more cake and die.

Monday, February 2, 2009


so. i wanted a cat, but my housemate is allergic.
i have a dog in canberra and no other dog could compare to teiko.

so ive decided i want a rabbit
adam, in a moment of weakness- agreed it would be cool to get a rabbit.

and i think he might be regretting it now.i want a rabbit like this one.


lizzie and i were also brainstorming names.
originally i wanted to call it "womp'
but i think Wegenald Womp is a winner

hope your weekends were crazy good.