Thursday, February 12, 2009

"your folks might understand you, by and by...

bite yo lip
and take a trip!

many things have happened tonight that need mention.
Abbey- you all know abbey,
if you have been to section 8 or Southpaw latley you know the gorgeous Abbey.
Abbeys father lost his home to the fires.
really fucking sad.
but he is a trooper as we all should be.
and we should all troop o and help these people..
51mill aint enough to support kevin rudds money giving and the insurance claims about to be made!

everyone also knows our favourite socialite/trashbag/promoter/bird friend LIZZIE RASCALL. from TPC is leaving us in... less than 3 weeks.
which, to me, is highly depressing.
but... in order to quell my anger/depression has had her long awaited (by Alicia-the drunken sailor and myself) farewell wardrobe sale.
and.. excuse me while i get mediocre 'fash blog' on yo asses...
i pretty much scored, big time...
.., just realised what it is to constantly post photos of yourself.
im not a fan.
but my new knits are pretty fucking fresh,
does anyone else here match their nailpolish to their knits?

probably lizzie....

i concur.. for the evening....

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