Friday, February 13, 2009

oh and one last thing....

i have decided to give a review of my favourite movies of the week and why.

1. The Wrestler.
- This film is sensational. you can pretty much taste the sweat blood and tears from meters away from the actual screen.
anyone can tell you, i fucking love wrestling and anything that validates the sportsmanship in it is okay with me- and the cinamatography... shiettt.
dont even bother arguing the validity of this film. sensational

2. Tropic Thunder (remembering, i dont go to the movies 7 times a week.. this is based on things i have seen this week).
Tropic Thunder. HILLARIOUS
this- coming from someone who own "Bio Dome"
Tropic Thunder. AMAZING
this- coming from someone who owns Band of Brothers.
please see this movie and try and find Tom Cruise.

3. Strictly Ballroom
yep. all mushy on ya.
fuck it.
its dope. laugh in front of your mates all you want.. but i know you love it too.

4. Helvetica.
fuck it. nerdography.
i know people who avidly went out of their way NOT to see this film who loved it.

5. Ratatoullie- the amazing Pixal film about a rat who can cook.
fucking stunning. id be a better cook if i were vermon.


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