Thursday, February 12, 2009

reow etc.

i have finally ressurected/solved ways to overcome my little spill of 'technology failing me.

there was a number of items that turned to shit on me all at once.
and im proud to say- after a few weeks of not trying to fix any of them, i finally got off my arse and out of my vortex of technology spurred depression and realised that i can fix almost any problem.
MP3 player = dead
ive had this baby for about 5+ years now. it may look alot like a brick and a walkmans' love child- but man, ive dropped this thing so many times and its done me good. unfortunately, because it is so extremely geriatric- parts are no longer made for it- and it is un-serviceable-
Rest In Peace my precious. you were the best MP3 device ever created.

camera just needs a new battery. not terminal.

i tunes and computer are dopeer than ever now. NEW operating system thanks to rowan!
LEAPORD X! and its sex.
talk about silver linings!

talking about silver-
check out my new favourite necklace from my original favourite person
necklace trinkets + art supplies = ultimate dopeness! they are made by a local girl i think. anyway- you can git your hands on one of a few dif sizes etc from Hear Now record store in the city.

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