Tuesday, February 3, 2009


last nights television viewing consisted of a bunch of fat people crying, followed by really fit people dancing followed by homeless people singing.

It reminded me of this time i was walking down the street in the city- outside grilled or something- some burger joint... anyway. i remember seeing this family of fatties in the place- and thinking about the whole 'obese epidemic' that Australia is apparently falling into because cities have become an endless labyrinth of Maccas chains and burgers with legs and coupons.
as the family took their take out and walked down the street consuming burgers and jamming fries into their mouths.. (fucking Swanson st is the bane of my existence)
and there was this homeless guy. real frail and begging. and this fucking little shit of a fat girl- all of about 10- walked up to the homeless dude and put half a burger into the bin. whilst staring him down in a 'sucks-to-be-you kinda way.

you fucking little shit!
i want to meet you again and id be willing to use all the money i have to buy hundreds of big mac meals and make you sit in a room with all the starving people in melbourne and make you watch them eating the tasty snacks!
i was going to say " feed you those hundreds of meals as punishment. but your such a sick little fat spoilt fuck that youd probably love it!!!!

so this is for you, blondie.
ill see you in a few years on the biggest loser.

eat some more cake and die.

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