Wednesday, December 31, 2008

yay christmas life. yay!

and with these new years celebration proceedings comes an important announcement.
an additional member will be taking a seat in the After Grog Blog Throne.

but more about that later.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


i really do wish i was a real Gangsta.
i really wish i had the neck muscles to be able to just wrap 10 kilos of golden blingin' pimped out jewelry around myself.

I usually just settle for a long chain to which i interchange shitty pieces of plastic toys i find in my room or vending machines.

(i need a Hayley Mei! damnit!)

when i was in uni i had an assignment to make a piece of wearable art- that was made out of a word. the word had to reflect the item and what it was made out of...
so i carved up all these bars of soap and made knuckle dusters that said "germ Free" on them in this dope san serif type that i cant remember now.
man were they fresh!
my dad chucked the shits because i was using his Drill press to make the holes the same sizes- and he came home to a drill press full of soap shavings.
i maintain i was cleaning it for him..
but i really do wish i had a set of golden knuckle dusters.
some grills.
... .. a girl can dream....

but i was looking at the NNW blog and they had these amazing adornments.
and i think its a definate need not want.
fucking all about 7. and i hate that its totally cliche- but i was born on the 7th of the 7th.... i figure im justified in liking the digit!

i also reckon you need to check out my lady Michelles clothing range. her brand is OK Carnival and her designs are amazing.
we did a little "art swap" and i found myself the proud owner of this amazing 'Fox Stoll Top'
which is so fresh it has to be seen to be believed!this top has built in jewelry.

nice work lady Mich!

Friday, December 19, 2008


the hard decisions created by having a whole day offand


man id love to see a TekKen style fight with those two.

ha ha ha

leave it with me

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


the below post is this amazing site.. you upload yo crew and have a little dance and its fucking amazing.
i highly recomend you make it your online christmas card and save some dosh!

custards inc. after grog blog

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Monday, December 15, 2008

the weekend that was

The Villan Toy show was awesome,
custom toys from some amazing artists!
Otis' rocked it

lou gave us some bevs.

quite a few...drew's gorgeous version of "puck"
Adnate lookin' suss
his toy looking dope

graham is the keg king... demon... maybe...
was amazing.
Jokers set was crazy
sound was good
despite the rain it was packed
Affiks and A13 were dope. x
and because of the devils juice...
im pretty sure i only managed to get 2 photos that werent blurry and fucked.

the next day.. sunday... fucking sunday.
it was great. it was a bit stressful but i had so much fun. i love my workshop family.
you guys are amazing.
and the show looks dope!
gabby found the perfect avocado and it made us all happy.
everyone was happy.

ren was working hard. yay!
graham made some postcards that made the exhibition even doper. you can get them at workshop for 2 dollars. ahah they are pure genius.

the weekend that was.
real busy

dear santa

because, clearly, everyone cares about what i want for christmas.

this wish list is in no particular order.
but i DO plan to eat many a BBQ prawn.
the star wars Mighty Muggs by, Marvel are dope. i already have a dope Dr.Doom one. but i want them.
check how dope the storm trooper is!
sexy shoes by The Hundreds in every colour... and ill have to wait till the 4th for these babies below.

favourite paints...

who doesnt want one of theses. really?
i want...

i didnt realise how many things i want that are grenade related...

For the Homies wallet thing.
this amazing piece of Krafft-mansship. but artist Charls Krafft.
last time i saw one was in Outre.
they are pretty amazing!
and of course. it wouldnt be christmas without Prawns with Tobasco.
merry christmas. 10 days to go.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

happy fucking sunday

so its 9:30 in the morning.. on a sunday.
you can see the tears welling up in my eyes. ew..
(how weird is it that there is blue sky in the background, by the way? i captured the ONE second of vague sun in the whole of the last 72 hours.)
im sitting at workshop surrounded by art that i have to pack away and art that i have to put up on the walls.

and i have to be honest here, im feeling a little rusty.
what 2 better things to cure a minor hangover than...
aw isnt workshop pretty when theres no one but me and Mary and Amy here.
so Joker at Launrdy last night was amazing!
ill show you some pics when ive finished my arts.
i have to hang this canvas that i havent even finished.. it will be done!


come along tonight if you can be bothered.
its going to be a pretty interesting sunday session..

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lord of Laundry.

i know. its cold. its gross.. and you probably just feel like doing this....

but i personally recomend that you avoid blankies and fried food and come and see some dope DJ's and have some fucking fun in this shithouse weather.

yay life

Thursday, December 11, 2008

i alfalaf'd it

to begin..
potting mix.
a happy disposition
chives (cos grass is useless and we can use chives in tasty potato salads)
cheap ass panty hoes
decorating shit

then i made the shit outta them.

.. tasty tasty chives

this is the beginnings of Cptn. Sprouty McSeed

the beginnings of Fidel Castro

Fidel is done.
and there we have some dope ass alfalfa heads.
i also made a Zombie with shards of wood and blood everywhere, and a whore with boots and a little girl and a ROBOT and i finished the pirate.
try it at home!!

my delectable darla!

today is a lovely sunny day! its my second day off in a row and im feeling mighty relaxed.
yesterday i went into this dodgy warehouse sale on St Georges road... i dont know why.. but i did.
and amongst all the Ecko and over sized mossimo skirts, and the failed line of stussy palm tree t shirts.. (i wonder why) i found an absolute GOLDMINE of Castro's!
i know i know... globes are for little skater kids... or so 90's.. fuck that.
these old man loafers are fucking amazing and im going to walk right back down there today and buy a pair of green plaid ones to go with my well worn white pair.

get in them.
the box is dope too.. comes in a cigar style package.. top notch.

today... to get ready for
on Sunday
michelle and i thought it would be a great idea to make Alfalfa heads to put on the bar!Linkso far this morning i have searched the Internet on instructions on how to make alfalfa heads.. after heavy googling- discovered they really are not known as 'alfalfa heads'- as the only hits i got were little rascal paraphernalia and weird gardening and nutrition websites. i did, however come across this blog.

its called Alfalfa crafts
its this chick who makes jewelry and stuff..
check this made me feel like a bit of a fucking idiot really.
while this chick is cross stitching tiny little squirrels into a fucking ring. im sitting here looking up INSTRUCTIONS on how to shove soil into a fucking stocking.

nice one
anyway. i found the needed paperwork and discovered they are actually called 'grass heads'

so that's my plan for the day!

my brother is in town this weekend for the ULTIMATE FRISBEE ANNUAL TOURNAMENT!
i went to it last year and watched him playing. man. Frisbee is a gnarly sport. its full contact. there were ambulances needed last year! and these crazy fuckers were running around in 40+ degree heat all fucking day! man.
i love that shit!
its down at South Melbourne recreation centre or whatever that massive lump of grass where the car racing is held... there. i would go but i gotta work.

dont forget friday this show should be dope.

alright. call me if you wanna make alfalfa heads! toot!