Monday, December 8, 2008

sketch city bitchezz

what a day. dazzle land studios is this awesome warehouse space out in northcote where sketch city is held. and ill tell you what- they sure know how to make a fucking great sunday sessions!
nachos, sangria and free paint!
what else can you really ask for?
i havent drawn on walls in a long time. and im not 100% happy. wish i had more time or something.. maybe just more talent!
but here are some pics of my little lady.

background drippssssss
stencil for background. at this point i got a little drunk and put the stencil up the wrong way. but being the smooth operator that i am... (cough) i fixed the situation, and walked away feeling like a drunken douche bag.
all good.
shes done.
i cant be bothered naming her

and thats it.

thank to the whole Sketch City crew. and i wish i took more photos for you.

but i didnt.

thanks also to the we make stuff good crew who filmed the whole day of radness!

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