Monday, December 15, 2008

dear santa

because, clearly, everyone cares about what i want for christmas.

this wish list is in no particular order.
but i DO plan to eat many a BBQ prawn.
the star wars Mighty Muggs by, Marvel are dope. i already have a dope Dr.Doom one. but i want them.
check how dope the storm trooper is!
sexy shoes by The Hundreds in every colour... and ill have to wait till the 4th for these babies below.

favourite paints...

who doesnt want one of theses. really?
i want...

i didnt realise how many things i want that are grenade related...

For the Homies wallet thing.
this amazing piece of Krafft-mansship. but artist Charls Krafft.
last time i saw one was in Outre.
they are pretty amazing!
and of course. it wouldnt be christmas without Prawns with Tobasco.
merry christmas. 10 days to go.

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