Monday, December 1, 2008

i wanna eat em on christmas day

All i want for Christmas...
Ever since hayley mei posted a little puppy in a hotdog bun on her Mayoress blog.
ive become really fucking obsessed with dogs in fucking sandwiches.

and i feel real stink. cos its pretty fucked up.
but here. for your viewing pleasure were the top few contestants for cutest dog-in-a-bun.

and dog in a giraffe costume... of courseoh and for those who didnt know.

so its christmas soon. and as fucking usual ive not done my shopping as of yet.
so as usual. im going to stress out and end up getting people shit presents.
which is shit because i love present giving time.

so my mum came down to visit me a few weeks back. she has this habit of packing all this weird shit into bags and giving them to me- like a gift bag to remember her by.
it usually consists of things like cans of chickpeas and refried beans and shampoo from hotel rooms but, fuck man. this little pressie was in one hell of a winner gift bag!

i felt like i was 7 again.
I'm okay with that...
this Lindt mother fucking Advent calender is the SHIT!sucks to be without an advent calender on the 1st of December dunnit?


Alex said...

that first one is amazing.

Mr Bananas said...

the giraffe is too good