Tuesday, December 23, 2008


i really do wish i was a real Gangsta.
i really wish i had the neck muscles to be able to just wrap 10 kilos of golden blingin' pimped out jewelry around myself.

I usually just settle for a long chain to which i interchange shitty pieces of plastic toys i find in my room or vending machines.

(i need a Hayley Mei! damnit!)

when i was in uni i had an assignment to make a piece of wearable art- that was made out of a word. the word had to reflect the item and what it was made out of...
so i carved up all these bars of soap and made knuckle dusters that said "germ Free" on them in this dope san serif type that i cant remember now.
man were they fresh!
my dad chucked the shits because i was using his Drill press to make the holes the same sizes- and he came home to a drill press full of soap shavings.
i maintain i was cleaning it for him..
but i really do wish i had a set of golden knuckle dusters.
some grills.
... .. a girl can dream....

but i was looking at the NNW blog and they had these amazing adornments.
and i think its a definate need not want.
fucking fresh.im all about 7. and i hate that its totally cliche- but i was born on the 7th of the 7th.... i figure im justified in liking the digit!

i also reckon you need to check out my lady Michelles clothing range. her brand is OK Carnival and her designs are amazing.
we did a little "art swap" and i found myself the proud owner of this amazing 'Fox Stoll Top'
which is so fresh it has to be seen to be believed!this top has built in jewelry.

nice work lady Mich!

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Hayley said...

Hey hotface! Oh yes, you will get yours... I'm working on it for you...all suppliers are closed for the hols at the mo though boooooo!

Miss you woman, when do we drink?