Thursday, December 11, 2008

my delectable darla!

today is a lovely sunny day! its my second day off in a row and im feeling mighty relaxed.
yesterday i went into this dodgy warehouse sale on St Georges road... i dont know why.. but i did.
and amongst all the Ecko and over sized mossimo skirts, and the failed line of stussy palm tree t shirts.. (i wonder why) i found an absolute GOLDMINE of Castro's!
i know i know... globes are for little skater kids... or so 90's.. fuck that.
these old man loafers are fucking amazing and im going to walk right back down there today and buy a pair of green plaid ones to go with my well worn white pair.

get in them.
the box is dope too.. comes in a cigar style package.. top notch.

today... to get ready for
on Sunday
michelle and i thought it would be a great idea to make Alfalfa heads to put on the bar!Linkso far this morning i have searched the Internet on instructions on how to make alfalfa heads.. after heavy googling- discovered they really are not known as 'alfalfa heads'- as the only hits i got were little rascal paraphernalia and weird gardening and nutrition websites. i did, however come across this blog.

its called Alfalfa crafts
its this chick who makes jewelry and stuff..
check this made me feel like a bit of a fucking idiot really.
while this chick is cross stitching tiny little squirrels into a fucking ring. im sitting here looking up INSTRUCTIONS on how to shove soil into a fucking stocking.

nice one
anyway. i found the needed paperwork and discovered they are actually called 'grass heads'

so that's my plan for the day!

my brother is in town this weekend for the ULTIMATE FRISBEE ANNUAL TOURNAMENT!
i went to it last year and watched him playing. man. Frisbee is a gnarly sport. its full contact. there were ambulances needed last year! and these crazy fuckers were running around in 40+ degree heat all fucking day! man.
i love that shit!
its down at South Melbourne recreation centre or whatever that massive lump of grass where the car racing is held... there. i would go but i gotta work.

dont forget friday this show should be dope.

alright. call me if you wanna make alfalfa heads! toot!

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