Friday, February 26, 2010

tonight. and the weekend. GO GO GO

first thing first.
I have been super slack with posts, as I dont think I've had a chance to sit still for about 2 weeks.

and I know its late notice for telling you about the next few things I'm about to tell you about, but I'm sure you all know about them anyway!

first up is Buffet. Buffet is a forum that is run by a few mates of mine (who are no doubt stressed as fuck right now) over at Acclaim mag.

(I can't find the online invite.... meh) anyway, they are been busy cooking up a tasty selection of streetwear, fashion, and lotsa designy type treats to wrap your little mouth around.
The Convention consists of 2 whole days of speakers from varying backgrounds and walks of life, and a trade show (YES TRADE SHOW!!)..... it should be amazing, and I strongly Suggest you git yo'selves down there if you are in anyway design oriented/sneaker freaked or just bored (?) tickets here.

oh. and theres going to be an amazing opeining party TONIGHT! YES TONIGHT!

In conjunction with LTRHDS (letterheads) exhibition at 1000Pound Bend Gallery...

This exhibition is NOT TO BE MISSED by anyone who has been lucky enough to be given eyes that function.

LTRHDS is an exhibition based around the australian alphabet. Each of the 26 featured artists are given a letter to reproduce in their own way... and then guess what? they have a massive party and show off their work.
I am far too excited about this show!

Seriously. GRAEME BASE. the genius behind Animalia, The Eleventh Hour. He is arguably one of my favourite all time illustrators, and he is going to be here.

this is a scene from 'sign of the seahorse' amazerrrrring.

the man is a freak.

anyway. I wont make this entry massive as I realise its Friday and we are all busy people. but check out the line up!

Anthony Lister!

and a whole bunch of amazing locals who I love so much.

the information you need!?

come come come 100o pound bend. ltl. lonsdale street, just near elizabeth.
It's going to be crazy. It's also going to be a complete sensory overload. with free beer.

c xx

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


St Ali Festival
St. Ali, South Melbourne
Olympus Trip 35

Sidney Myer Music Bowl
crappy/awesome dispisable camera

(this next one has Lauryn Hill in it... yep)
a good weekend

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

tea please.

Tea is tasty.
tea is fun.
this makes it even funner.
i would like one please.

found on Estupipedia

"TeaSub", otra chuchería que me re compraría.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010


one of my favourite local/aussie artists at the moment (and will probably forever) is Kid Zoom.
The young talent has been in Old Melbourne town for the past few days (weeks?), and we had the pleasure of watching him do the things he does best at the St. Ali festival last saturday.
Unfortunately for many people, myself definitely included, I decided to profess my undying love for his work on one knee whilst highly intoxicated... and now feel a little silly about writing this post...
reguardless, I have chosen to suck it up and post anyway, as his genius is far too superior and important that my drunken ego.

besides, it was pretty funny.

anyway. Kid Zoom lives in Perth (clearly only the best people are spawned from perth)
He describes himself as being a low-brow art dirtbag. everyone loves a good dirtbag.
check out some of his stuff at this place.
but have a taste just below!

interview with Kid Zoom here for Letterheads exhibition coming up in a few weeks.

alex, over at Acclaim had the guy do their cover a month or so ago. fucking dope!
but it looks like he already was onto the whole 'mag' thang.

his shit is dope. check out his site for heaps more (link above)
fuck there are some amazing people out there. most of them I am willing to make a dick out of myself for.

Monday, February 1, 2010

saturday day

The ST ALI LANEWAY FESTIVAL is about celebrating Melbourne's street art and culture and bringing it to unique settings and surrounds to be appreciated by the community. Come join in the party with street artists at work transforming the alley into works of art - DJs - alleycat racing - beers - snags.

curated by Drewfunk

12-18 Yarra Place, South Melbourne 3205
P 9686.2990
kid zoom.

rad beavers

Art, sausages
beer, people.
fixie riders to throw insults and sausages at.
action packed day!
you know its going to be awesome. Rad line up of DJ's too!
A133, Lady Banton, Nam (aka Mr Asia), Dust, Feind, JPS