Wednesday, February 10, 2010


one of my favourite local/aussie artists at the moment (and will probably forever) is Kid Zoom.
The young talent has been in Old Melbourne town for the past few days (weeks?), and we had the pleasure of watching him do the things he does best at the St. Ali festival last saturday.
Unfortunately for many people, myself definitely included, I decided to profess my undying love for his work on one knee whilst highly intoxicated... and now feel a little silly about writing this post...
reguardless, I have chosen to suck it up and post anyway, as his genius is far too superior and important that my drunken ego.

besides, it was pretty funny.

anyway. Kid Zoom lives in Perth (clearly only the best people are spawned from perth)
He describes himself as being a low-brow art dirtbag. everyone loves a good dirtbag.
check out some of his stuff at this place.
but have a taste just below!

interview with Kid Zoom here for Letterheads exhibition coming up in a few weeks.

alex, over at Acclaim had the guy do their cover a month or so ago. fucking dope!
but it looks like he already was onto the whole 'mag' thang.

his shit is dope. check out his site for heaps more (link above)
fuck there are some amazing people out there. most of them I am willing to make a dick out of myself for.

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