Tuesday, December 9, 2008

things i find.

so i was going through some old photos, because being the cheap arse i am, i have decided to get some photos and blow them up really big and give them to my dad for his christmas present.
but i gotta be honest. i didnt expect to find some of these...

what was i thinking this time last year man?

i personally blame alicia's fucking crazy ass parties for this effort
i do remember this being on my 21st..

for some reason i dont think they are fit for fathers..
im gunna go with petrol tank.

so ive been watching james jeans work filter into Outre gallery on elizabeth st.
fuck i love his stuff.. Drewster first showed me his shit and, man... its awesome. little did i know. i had already seen his stuff- he is a Fables illustrator.
and a dope one at that. i want to be this man..
or something... so amazing.

he did these posters for AIDS awareness in France.

the penis-turtle in this one is fucking amazing.
penis sea creatures.... genius!

why the fuck cant our AIDS adds be this dope?


Hayley said...

I lurve James Jean. Have you seen the sketches he's done while sitting on planes? Nice.

custards said...

yes!!! holy crap! i love them!
all the crazy layers and stuff..
so amazing ey!

adam bought me his "XOXO" book of postcards. its so prettyful.