Friday, December 19, 2008


the hard decisions created by having a whole day offand


man id love to see a TekKen style fight with those two.

ha ha ha

leave it with me


Lizzie said...

wow ummmm hard decision
i think its a tea and elton sort of day personally

I Miss Cigarettes... said...

yeah, i agree...

elton was just playin on the radio @ the waiting area at this office where i had an interview... and with this cold but nice 23degree weather, a warm cuppa would go down nice...

might i add, brother ali wanted to fuck me. how hilarious, my only claim to rap cock... is a muslim albino. lucky for him hes a dope mc... but still, hes an albino muslim.

i wonder if his cock glows in the dark?

the things this young lady ponders, i tells ya. im special

custards said...

i cant imagine it wouldnt.

ladeez.... its tea and elton!