Friday, December 4, 2009


I love Letraset.
The shit designers used to use for headers and.. pretty titles and stuff.
just basically a transfer.

this awesome stuff was taken off the market for a while- and the art store i used to work in was a Mecca for this shit.
We had boxes and boxes and boxes of discontinued typefaces, that people used to come and rummage through. desperate to stock up before they were no longer.

now the shit has been a little bastardised- those fucking scrap book wenches have bashed the stuff in... writing shit like "lovely journey" beside a photo of their cat on a leash.

pretty abstract

there is some pretty awesome stuff you can make with the stuff..

get on it.


erika said...

hahahha!!!!!!!!!!!! scrapbook wenches!!!

so stealing that

Sheqel said...

I used this stuff to change my age on a motorsport licence when I was 14. Except the numbers were still too big so I used the product code in the corner. It worked too. I got my ciggies.