Friday, July 31, 2009

custard's library, never let me go

by Kazuo Ishiguro.

I know and realise that not all people want to know about the books other people read. and sometimes I even avoid writing mini reviews of books (especially if I've just finished reading 'the devil wears prada".. or some other trashy shit)
but this time.. this book caught me by surprise..
im not even going to try to explain the content to you.. because its pretty heavy, and will probably ruin the book for you.
but is basically set in England pretty much present day. its nothing fantastical or new age or chick lit... its just a fucking good read.
I recomend you do as i did- and if you feel like reading a book that takes an whole new perspective on science, life, love and identity then read this shit. cos it might just change your life. it might also make you cry (as it did me, mind.. i cried in Godzilla.. it doesnt take much to make tears to roll down these cheeks.)
But please please dont DONT read any Wikipedia or googled or ANY summaries of the novel, as a guarentee, it will give everything away, and the most amazing thing about this novel is the way you travel along with the characters and discover things with them.
this book is remarkably written. and if you are like me, and love to read books the watch the movie thats been made that is 'based on' the book, and love the feeling of let down, as you think about the hours wasted after finishing the movie- only to know that you did the right thing and read the book.
you should read this because rumour has it, its being released as a film in 2010.

i trust youll make the right decision.
what a shitty book review.

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