Friday, July 31, 2009

%100 D-O-M-E-S-T-I-C

okay okay. so it's Friday morning and I'm up early. Feeling pretty good about life, as i have woken up to the joy of finishing a book.

I go out, and pay a bill then spend about 40 mins in one of my favourite shops on Smith st. Book Affair. oh yeah baby. I read so hard, my eyes got paper cuts.
bought a new book and considered my movements for the day....

wander into Woolies and am struck by the desire to make either (a) Relish- as my supplies for the previous batch have been exhausted. or (b) SUSHI!

if anyone knows anything about me, they will know that I love condiments more than most things. so naturally, Relish it was.

as i am on a budget- I weighed up my vegetable selection. then I remembered something.
something some wise man once told me...

he told me (and im not going to name names COUGHgaryCough) that when he visits Woolies- he makes sure to visit the self serve counter, at which, all fruit and vegetables must be weighed by the customer (as you may well know)
the trick here, is to weigh everything as 'potatoes' as they are the cheapest by the kilo and heaviest.
with this option available- i decided to make both the Relish and the Sushi.
(all of which ingredients for both cost me a measly $19.50.
not bad not bad!!

and this... was resulting.

so the relish is really tasty. not as sweet as last time and with a bit more chilli and a kinda moroccan swing to it.
oh yeah.. and this is where i consumed it and will continue to read my new book.. after gloating about my awesome Friday...

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