Monday, January 12, 2009

toe jam - i am a clumsy shit

well.. something highly depressing has just occoured on Egremont St, north fitzroy.

i was taking a photo of my cameras (i know- a little ironic) ready to post about my family of cameras...
when my washing machine load finished- as i was hanging out the washing- i was checking out our dope ass nectarine tree- which- i had actually never noticed was a fruit tree until just now.
when i got all excited about making jam and ran to get my camera to take a photo..

and being the klutz that i am..
bounded through the back door and dropped my camera and fucked the battery

no photos of cameras or nectarine trees.
just a pit of feeling shit about how fucking clumsy i am.

this in no way looks like my nectarine tree

this is not me, and they are not my cameras.
i think this guy might be my role model for the day
he looks like hes eaten a bit of jam in his time.
Roast chicken and gravy flavoured jam.
i hate my life


Mr Bananas said...

fat dude looks so content lol...i'm not sure if he looks like a real friendly guy or a chain you in the basement while watching you on CCTV sort of freak

custards said...

im baggin for the latter.

i think his name should be Barney or Cliff.

Hayley said...

Nooooo! Poor camera.

What about batter jam? I think he's had a bit of that too.