Monday, January 12, 2009


brought to you, in part, by My Mother,
Ginger and the Letter C!

yes kiddies!
its another exciting installment of:


.. when we left off last time- The Fidel Castro Grass Head was taking shape..
but today
we make JAM!hah
bad pun.

so. thanks to my clumsyness- i only have my Mac Camera-
ill do my best and pray i dont drop my computer into the jam.
jam update
status: looking Greenish cos of not ripe Nectarines which is GREAT. tangy tangy.
Smelling: DOPE
thanks to my mother for teaching me such practices as:
Sterilising Jam jars (see above), how to know when the jam is ready, teaching me to love ginger.
there is the biggest tastiest chunks of ginger in it.

how amazing is Ginger on Brunswick st.
perfect place to get a "Rasta Crusta"- when you dont feel like going home juuuuuust yet.

Ill keep you up to date on the Jam Situation

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