Wednesday, January 21, 2009


things of mine that are broken.(not yet broken... but impending doom looms...)
(still usable.. but annoyingly broken)
both fucked
death to everything MAC!
i plugged adams new ipod into my lovely macbook and it told me to get the new itunes.. then the new Quicktime- and then A WHOLE NEW OPERATING SYSTEM. which is like 100 thousand dollars. not really.. but it seems like alot...
fuck mac and its stupid branding shite.
you suck mac.
if anyone has one of those disks for the MAC OSX.5 (or whatever the fuck it is) that multiple people can use..
can i use it?
or of anyone knows how to fix my baby so i can listen to music again?
computer geniuses out there in web land?

meanwhile.. im trying to stay optomistic as i slowly fail at life...
Mr. T helped me out...
check out THIS dope little gem
picture this
Bruise Brudebaker- ex-marine and vietnam war vetran, now Chicago nightclub bouncer and inspirational source for troubled kids. is forced to enter "THE TOUGHEST MAN IN THE WORLD COMPETITION" to save a rec. centre for the kids! The current holder of the name is a high profile name with funds running from a local crime syndicate!

fuck yo Flavowave!
this is the shit Mr.T was created for!


NNW said...

I almost bought that Mr. T movie? Is it any good?
NNW tip: throw out the broken shit and buy some new stuff. it's only money.

custards said...

ahha im going to bust it open this afternoon.
ill let ya know.
$5.. how can you go wrong?

.. i think i will... i need a sponsor.. other than centrerlink.

Guy said...

Yo, I got one of those discs under a rock here somewhere. I'll look for it..