Friday, September 4, 2009


I dont know how many of you have seen True Blood.
This amazing HBO series about Vampires (yeah I know.. sounds 'Twilighty"... ive never seen twilight, but im told both are about vampires)
but this shit is awesome.
Anna Paquin, I used to find her so irritating, as the last memory I have scarred into my mind of her is her yelling "FLY HOME!" or some shit from that fucking "fly away home" movie.
but in this she is awesome.

even more amazing than the actual series (which I highly recommend you indulge yourself in... $30 from JB... its a steal!)

is the amazing american advertising campaigns!

this will make more sense if you have seen it.. but check out these awesome posters!

too good! why can't we have awesome advertising like this? we have to put up with fucking radio station fucking 'celebrities' invading our billboards and tv's and train stations.
i fucking hate Dave Hughes.


Mr Bananas said...

i watched the whole first series one sunday, thought it would be crap, but it was pretty good i thought...and Paquin is proper sexy in a very weird way!

Miglet said...

New Zealand Prime is on to the second season of True Blood on Free to Air TV (the first photo is one of their promos, methinks), and what do we have...?

Constant, never-ending re-runs of Two and a Half Men.

Who ever thought the Kiwis would out-do us in ANYTHING, and yet here is the proof.


custards said...

mega fail.

damn them

Emily O'Connor said...

They're really flying with me!