Tuesday, September 15, 2009

design is for perverts...

so. remember SEMIPERMANENT? no?
well kay. thats alright. its probably because this is the first year they will be visiting the fine city of Melbourne.
Its basically a design confrence. sounds well wanky. and it is a little. but holy shit they have the best speakers there from the most amazing walks of life.

i went back in 2005 in sydney. and Ed Tempelton was there. he was a fucking nutcase... who cares. most artists are right?
Vice was there too.. pretty cool at the time, but i think im a little old to enjoy that trendy crap now. but at the time i thought it was the shit!

anyway. one of the major sponsers is DESIGN IS KINKY.. who are amazing...

but you can check that out yourselves if you actually give a crap about this kinda stuff.

and if you dont i advise you look away cos im about to show you some awesome stuff from some RAFA JENN who are somehow (??) associated with the design is kinky dudes....

this one is called "dear andy"

"you know what i mean"...

and this one... (i want this as a duna cover or a dress or something..)

"...Special edition print for ARTCRANK. Edition of twenty-one. Screen print on acid-free paper. Dimensions: 20" x 24"

$29 + Shipping ( Buy )


.....of course it fucking is....

dope though! no?


Miglet said...

I went to one in Sydney like forever ago (might have been the first one, I can't remember). Caught the flu, missed the second day (on purpose), and spent most of my time talking to Christians about their faith and hating on Sydneysiders cos they were all cunts to me (except the Christians ... they were, well, very Christian).

It's about time it came to Melbourne, Sydney sucks.

custards said...

i know~
we prob went to the same one! ahah

i went be myself and i was all just turned 18 n scared. but i had the best time...
hmmm did they try to convert you?
...hmm christians. come to the melb one with me and ill keep them away from you..

Miglet said...

The Christians were okay. I was asking them what it meant to be "born again" cos as a concept I couldn't quite work it out. They were very patient with me.

Not sure about going to semi-permanent. Trying to save money for my four day Fraser Island holiday in November (my brother's wedding). I've paid for the air fare/accommodation etc, but I still need food money and wedding clothes. *sigh*

Will let you know if I change my mind, though!