Wednesday, September 16, 2009


In year 11 I did media studies.which was awesome. Because my boyfriend at the time was in year 12 (in the same class as it was a small school) and was a GENIUS at absolutely anything and everything film related. No naturally.. it was a pretty good time for me…. Enough reminissing….
Anyway. I rememeber studying the movie Blade Runner…
The most amazing movie, and also perfect for college students to study; as every little nueonce of information given, every camera angle, every line of script was absoloutley integral to the film.

This is what ruined movies for me for years.
you can read endlessly into Blade Runner. Also the Maltese Falcon.. also an art piece….

But lets not get too technical about all this..

What I’m trying to say is. I learnt too much about making movies by ‘studying’ Blade Runner. I learnt to dissect every piece of information and take it on board as an important knowledge… and after then watching movies like “Van Wilder, Party Liaison”.. started looking at these movies asking “so… what DOES the Hampster in the corner looking for food REALLY symbolise?”

I now realise that I have learn't too much about Graphic Design.

Today alone, I have picked out 2 different typographical mistakes on my (incredibly talented) mates (printed in the hundreds) work. Which is just a flier and looks so amazing. But I can’t help but point it out. …

I don’t know why.
It doesn’t bother me in the slightest if a ‘$’ sign looks like a ‘6’…
the flier works!
People read it as a fucking dollar sign.
Why do I continue to fucking notice this shit!?!?!

hehe... im all like "look at me mum!"

I just went down to see Spinderella at the Kiss studios and there was this amazingly talented chick spraying a character on this wall. Turns out it was a portrait of Spinderella…
At the end she wrote ‘Spinderella” on the top of it… unfortunately, because of the nature of the aerosol medium- the word turned out looking like ‘Sanderellla’… which pissed me off royally. Not because it read wrong to me, but because I noticed it. And it didn’t bother anyone else but me.


This is exactly why I stopped media. (that and my then boyfriend graduated and was no longer there for me to lean on for good marks in group assignments..)
maybe this is exactly what makes a good designer?

Maybe this is what makes a person develop an ‘excessive compulsive disorder’. Who knows?

I can only imagine how many people out there are screaming at me through their computer screens about my terrible punctuation and Orphans and Widows and hyphens and bad typeface choice and over use of the word ‘and’….


Miglet said...

As ridiculous as this sounds, I can't read a TV guide without going mental. When a sub leaves a g-code on a line by itself, it makes me want to stab someone!

I'm pretty sure it will be this way until the end of time ... or until g-code VCR recorders are made redundant, which will hopefully be very soon. They are the bane of my existence!!!!!

custards said...

ahhaa i just had to ask adam what a g code is ahaha

i never knew what it was until now.

you have educated me migs.
but yeah. fuck people and their silly mistakes.