Monday, June 1, 2009

the week that will be

This week is super hectic as i have a million assignments to due friday and I is freekin!
(that sounded like a line from Clueless.. damn)

anyway! quick reminders for the coming weekend.Yep. 7th of June. Public holiday! SUNDAY!

and im excited cs my mumma is in town the next day. lucky her. she gets to witness me hungover- yet again.

Quick plug . a segment i like to call "my awesome friends"

One day Hanh decided to make his own clothing label- which- as it turns out- is fucking awesome.
he decided to call it "life like'
so keep an eye out for it!
He is certainly a talented lad and makes pretty things like this (see below) on amazing quality hoodies, crewnecks and t shirts.

he has a much larger range than this, but i dont see why i should do all the leg work. For your own benifit you will find this. He hand prints everything with love too!

anyway. right now he is working on a Colab. with Drewfunk. which should be amazing!

Im pretty sure you can contact Hanh for hookups etc.
or, he had a stall at the sneaker swap meet on sunday- so no doubt it will be at the next one too.
anyway. i made a design for him- which, as it turns out- is a bitch to do by hand. so he managed one... for me.
and here it is.
aint she pretty?!?

thanks hayley for the photo!!
but yeah get on it.

thats it. work time.
coffee time.


Tobie said...

hello there
i was just curious if there was a website for life like? or somewhere i could see more designs or even perhaps buy some?
im from adelaide so i cant see me making it to the markets anytime soon.. but i really like what ive seen so far so yeh any help would be appreciated =]

custards said...

just the other day a page was created for them!

check them out. he would be happy to send you stuff. let him know you saw it through me!
its rad stuff huh?! so well made too! i recommend the hoodies!!!
the guys name is Hahn. and he is a lovely person/

Tobie said...

cheers for that

wiicked.. now i just got to get a bit of coin together and i shall make it happen
i shall pass on that it was custards who opened my eyes to lifelike yeh?

it really is good.. some of those designs are amazing, i could use another hoodie or two also
plus him being lovely makes it all the nicer

a while back i offered to do some design work for a guy who had a clothing label.. he completely ignored me so now i tell people not to buy his gear hahah :)