Saturday, June 13, 2009

simply awesome

so im lying in bed, after a SIMPLY AMAZING night.

because i actually met simply red last night.
(yes.. his signature...)
my mate Arsenio showed me this amazing website and now all i can think of is toasted sandwiches and decking my house out in shit like this!

happy saturday!


N A R M said...

Schwipe gallery. Don't come. I've served you beers before. That's how you know me. Just popped into my head then.
I apologise for all the smack we were talking. Haha was fun.

Kayta said...

Mannnnnnnnn what a Simply Extreme Amazing night, and if the dude in the above comment is who I think he is, I am getting my stalk on.

Hayley said...

I can't believe you guys met Simply Red!