Thursday, June 11, 2009

Custards Craft

ahh.. well, its uni holidays- officially.
and im broke as shit.
So what else to do than have another exciting edition of...

todays craft time is inspired by my good friend in the kitchen- Stephanie Alexander...
this book is absoloutley amazing.
it has literally EVERY RECIPIE I CAN THINK OF and about 350 variations of it included. ULTIMATE KITCHEN HANDBOOK!

i am pretty much the condiment queen. So i decided to have a crack at a Relish Recipie from said book...
the recipe called for a whole bunch of herbs that are super expensive- so i decided to kinda wing it in the herb department- and utilise that what i got.
so ive got 5kg's of tomato.....and i thought some capsicum might not go astray- and then some tasty tasty mustard seeds- cos i have this dope relish called "Red Kelpie" that i fucking love that had them in it.....
and some other shit i cant rememeber..
stewed it all up for a few hours.

so today i woke up to like 9 bottles of Relish that i was so so so sick of tasting yesterday-i totally forgot what it tasted like-
so i made a cheese and tomato and relish toastie..

i gotta say.... not bad for a long time lover, first time maker!
pretty damn good actually... its not totally congieled like chutney jam shit- cos i hate it when its too sweet so i didnt add so much sugar... and its kinda nice and runny and tasty and chunky.

so im pretty damn happy with the result!!!
oh and check out this fucking book that our mate gave us!

that guy has totally only ever eaten meat. he is just a shiny gelatinous blob of meaty goo...
oh god i love this book!

i DO have 9 bottles of this stuff... so maybe ill make a RELISH-OFF.

just a reminder, last time this happened, Ollie DID get his jam in the end. HOWEVER,
i must give a warning:
it is NOT advisable to go out getting wasted after getting jam, as you may end up with jam throughout your belongings from glass-smashing.
OR worst case senario- no jam at all for lack of memory of jam location.

you HAVE been warned.


Sheqel said...

I want a cheese and relish melt now.

kaytahackman said...

What we need to do next is make BREAD for said condiments. Ain't nothin like a bread partaaaaaaayyyy.

Mr Bananas said...

would love to know what happened to the jam you gave me...last i remember was leaving it on stage at teh Laundry : (

custards said...

someone scored some jam that night. i hope they enjoyed it... stolen jam tastes sweeter...

and KAYTA! thats next level shit man!
making BREAD?
you shock me constantly!

N A R M said...

Um. So you pretty much just left us with a whopper deluxe burger.
So we hammer scissors papered that shit. And you. Are. Amazing. Benny.