Friday, June 12, 2009


so.. you want some relish!?!?!

ive decided i have way too much- so..

competition as such:
the winner will receive a delicious jar of relish. and second place will win ..... a very special trinket.....

all you need to do is write a dope soliloquy ('there once was a man from Nantuket..." styles)
about relish... or me.. or relish and me.

do it. its tasty.

that fat fuck from Master chef told me so...


kaytahackman said...

Okay so I'll start this ball rolling although in singing 'Whats your Flava' to you more than one time I am feel that I have more than proven myself worthy for a jar of relish glory.

Here goes anyway;

So my friend named Claire made some relish;
That almost made me want to embellish
my face in the jar,
hardy har har
this rhyme is making everyone jealous.

Mr Bananas said...

you mean limerick Claire, not soliloquy, get your literary devices correct god damn!

anyway here goes:

there was once a girl named custard
who made some relish, not mustard
she made quite alot
and i'm hoping its hot
so that it burns my tongue and leaves me flustered

custards said...

ahaha dang i knew there was something wrong with my wordage (yes 'wordage' is a word)