Wednesday, June 17, 2009


so. being poor as shit.. is shit.
but at least my delicious dinner didnt get in the way... this is Custards budget Gourmet Dining 101.

now.. THIS fine Cab Merlot is the only cheap bottle of wine i will usually finish by myself.. reguardless of how poor i am.
Its called Road Knight and its about $11 at your local. fucking tasty.
nice and dry, and still comes with a cork
which i find delectable!
tasty tasty salmon steaks.
this is acutally the first time ive eaten a 'steak'- let alone a steak of fish in about... 7 years. so this is big.
and two only set us back around $3.50 each. which is pretty cheap.
Adam made the skin all crunchy and had garlic.
on a bed of Broccolini- $2 from our local.
and some potatoes- roasted with rosemary and salt.
(4 potatoes like... i dno how much.. fuck all....) rosemary from front garden.
(yes i steal my neighbors herbs...)
man.. i know this is shit.. but it actually got rated ABOVE CADBURY DAIRY MILK in the taste to price test.
and hot damn this stuff is great...
ahh together
$11 wine
$7 fish
$5 vegies (i guess)
$2 chololate
thats like $24 for the tastiest meal ive ever had!.. maybe..

any one would be forgiven for thinking that i only just discovered how to cook at home.
i just was bored and thought this would entertain a few souls who need some inspiration and note that staying in bed with wine is fucking awesome.


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Cameron said...

you draw so much inspiration from masterchef, don't you?