Tuesday, June 2, 2009

art tip

i think i may have talked about this before. but
KEEP THE 12TH FREE! for a bit. if you want to come to this dope show.

50 artists creating 50 works on Belvedere Vodka bottles.

All bottles are for sale for $350 each. Your chance to purchase an art work that you can take away and drink!

McCulloch Gallery has invited 50 prominent artists to immortalise a favourite image on a Belverdere Vodka bottle. The challenge is being met with enthusiasm as the bottle itself provides on its surface multi-faceted angles and planes for an artist partaking in this smooth vodka experience either physically or imaginatively. Belvedere Vodka is known for its superior quality whether due to the uniqueness of its source (the single gold rye grain) or because its distilling process is designed to create the smoothest of drinks. Six hundred years of manufacturing this vodka has meant that the methodologies utilized in the distilling process have been perfected and help explain why Belvedere Vodka is revered by artists whether visual artists, poets and novelists or musicians.

Artists include-

Adam Cullen
Rachel tonge
Markus cobbledick
Twitchett and Tonge
Ha ha
Megan Dell
Dave smith
Dave gill
Chris berg
Sarah beetson
James money
Josef marzi
Andrew mattock
Stephen Baker
Andre Stefan White
Neil McIrvine
John Forrest
Luke Kopycinski
Luke Lucas
Josh Lord
Bryce Aston
Kym Ramadge
Bent Sideways
Mr Crunchy
Corin Lee Spencer
David Disher
John Knap

oh yeah, i keep hearing new figures but im pretty sure Chivas Regal have chucked like.... $10,000 into the opening night
well worth the mooch.

McCulloch gallery is just off Elizabeth and Little Bourke st's in the city.


kaytahackman said...

I might just be there before Sophies little hooternanny.

custards said...

yeha i is comming to Sophies!!!