Wednesday, May 27, 2009


so. i love rings.... sometimes.
i really love 2 finger rings because sometimes regular rings make my fingers a little claustrophobic and i cant draw/write properly. which causes me angst.
so the 2 finger ring gives me a little more air between my fingers. and i like it more.
i love these wedding rings-
so so very nerdy.

i also love stamps. so anything that enables me to stamps things anywhere i go.
fine by me.
i DO think they need to make them into 2 finger rings and make them a little less MANly.
knuckle dusters are my shit.
man if i was rich and could pull it off- id bust out the dopest knuckle dusters!!!! man!!!!
id be sooo pimpin'!!!!
these are awesome. imagine if you could grow like- basil or parsley in your knuckles. or weed. yeah weed knuckle dusters.
impractical but dope.

not too sure if anyone rememebers. but a while ago i mentioned i made some dope knuckle dusters i my first year of uni- 2005.
i had a dream last night that some fucking cunt took my idea and made millions off it.
so i just wanna put it down right here and now that my GERM FREE dusters (made out of Imperial Leather soap) are MY genius idea- and one day i WILL get around to making them en'masse!
so back off evil dream-man.

this is also one of my personal favourite rings.
the mad oyster shucker.
git your hands on one of these genius babies at the ROSE ST MARKETS every saturday. (there was only two 2 finger ones- but im sure if you ask nice he will make you one.... if you wanna be like me...)

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Sheqel said...

I fckn love that stamp ring. Do you have to re-ink it though? That would be a pain in the ass.