Friday, May 8, 2009

art fart and free vodka

still sans-camera.
because im too lazy and too poor to buy a new $100 battery when all i really want is a new camera...

there is a few shows coming up that im involved in..

this is a tasty (still full...) bottle of Belvedere Vodka.
now im going to be honest. i dont really know a whole bunch about this show. i left McCulloch Gallery the other day with a full bottle of Vodka and instructions to paint on said bottle....

but its opening on the 8th of june at McCulloch gallery in the CBD. Chivas Regal have bounced like 10,000 into the opening and running of the exhibition. i think all yall alchoholics out there need to come and pretend to support me and DRANK SOME!

and then AWOL same same and i are having a show.. at where else.. but fucking workshop.
man im so over having shows there..
someone help me..
anyway. come along. zandor has been in sydney painting away like a mad man. so come check it out. should be a winner.!

1 comment:

Hayley said...

The bottle looks amaaaaaaziiiing! x