Wednesday, May 13, 2009

yeha i reckon im gourmet.

so tuesday night is now officially date night.
where we go out and eat dinner somewhere. and its nice and its tasty and its fun.
2 weeks ago we went to Claypots on Gertrude St, fuck that place is tasty. and not nearly as expensive as i thought it was going to be!
last tuesday was CIRC DE SOLELI... yeah i cant spell.
that was dope. and last night??

yeah. its beans.
the tastiest beans invented.

sitting outside at night in the courtyard- we were served a warm pot of Sake and squished ourselves into the floor tables for a treat.
we ate some tempura vegies and then some spicy salted squid... (holy shit)
and then some little tuna salsa thingie in a spring roll type basket (im all about edible plates)
some tasty tasty salmon and tuna..

i cant even remember exactly what it was.
the whole experiance was lovely.

then we trotted accross to panama dining room for some single-malt and a fair whipping at pool.
(the table there is HUGE!)

if you have a hankering for sushi and have a few spare $$. Wabi Sabi Salon is the place to go!.

also also. the cafe below my house got a review from that uppity fat fuck from master chef.... and he didn't diss it. which is good. because if he did i would have had to hunt him down, rip out his tongue and choke him with his own taste buds.

we love CIBI

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