Monday, May 3, 2010

rag on

I have been spending alot of money on magazines and books lately, here are just a couple of the ones a think are onto a good thing.

first up is local photo rag, (first issue) that was just released called 'dont sleep'
its got some pretty rad graff photography- if you want a feel for it. head over to their blog- which is amazing also here
youll see a few familiar faces- I find a really deep sense of do-good when I support locals.
keep mags alive yo!
Number 2.
The New Order- Quite a bit more content in this one compared to the last!

A good read- some amazing art and articles that are interesting and super well written.
Its neat- classy and hearty.
This is the first issue- though i believe they are up to 3 now? anyway- all you will ever need to know about shoes- streetwear-etc. (read: less wanky Vice without the fuckhead opinions of cool kids, and better looking.. so really- nothing like vice.) get it here
or go say hi to the boys here

Shameless plug here..
In-house magazine of the place i now work at housemouse the magazine is up to issue 7 now (which we working on and should be available soon.. but no doubt ill writing something about that when it is)

Recently went through a re branding- and just won an amazing award in the states.
Super short sharp flick through the world of design and art and life and melbourne etc. with super experimental layouts and prettyness...

there are many more I know. But these are a few tasty tid bits.

oh and if you havent already seen Breaking Bad, do it now.

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