Friday, May 7, 2010


they say assumptions are the mother of all fuck-ups.. well. at least Turkish from Snatch said that... i think it stuck in my head becasuse of his amazing accent..

anyway. I think there are a few aceptions to this 'rule' or law. I can think of a few circumstances when it is okay to assume things..
for instance.

- If you use the letters 'F 'M' and 'L'. together, as a word- and then try to pass them off as some form or acronym for something.... It's fairly safe to assume I will not listen to you much longer. or at any point in the near future.

- as Alicia pointed out to me a little while ago... If you eat at any of those 'cafe's" on Swanston street, between Bourke and Collins streets. It is safe to assume that we are not friends.

-If you happen to be an obnoxious english backpacker on a packed tram on Brunswick street, whos fucking shopping bags are taking up two entire seats, and your screaming down the phone about how trashed you were and how hot all the guys in the hostel your staying in are... and then you proceede to scream something about how your "HEADING TO ST KILDA NOW, BABE!"..
It's safe to assume that no one on the tram is going to tap you on the shoulder and tell you your going in the wrong direction. Because, to be honest, the thought of you ending up in West Preston is just far too hilarious.

end rant.


Miglet said...

So, the Black Opal is still okay, then...?

I love that they try to pass it off as a cafe-cum-bar-cum-pokie den. It's too Oz for words.

Javier said...

The north side of Bourke St has to be ok, YourThai is up there...

PS, Black Opal, amazing.

Anonymous said...

It is good to assume.