Thursday, May 20, 2010

dear fucker.

Hey, Inspiration.

Fuck you.

I showed up. where the fuck are you?

I thought you had my back man.
I base my whole fucking existence on you and you just fuck off to some tropical island or someshit?
not even a fucking postcard saying
"hold tight miss. I'm visiting my mum, I'll be back in a few weeks. I know you gotta lotta shit going on, but I can't be around all the time."


For now all I have is some fucking inspirational Blogs that havent been updated in like fucking 4 months - and some that are just too fucking depressing to look at right now. eg.

Here's what I'm gunna do.
Im gunna sit here and drink some fucking red wine and winge about my headache in the morning every single day until you come back.


sound familiar?

this helps alot.

2 comments: said...


You called?

(p.s. the word I have to type to post this comment is.... CRUSTS)

Mamacita Bonnita said...

this changed my life when i saw it for the first time big up