Sunday, April 26, 2009

i lurd dat shit.

ahhh another hungover sunday.

fuck saturday was a long fucking great day.
BOB DEEP BBQ at this weird bar in north melbourne that im pretty sure no one knew existed.
solid drinking since 1.
arguments about Eminem.
Bowcaster gig at pony (FUCKING AWESOME)
adam todd iona and luke making a melbourne cameo.
brief drunken spew at workshop
second wind-
more drinking
weird wasted house party of TAM AND JULIAS in northmelbourne.
greeted by shirtless ladies and eye makeuped crazed women.
work on sunday morning-
then.... home to be greeted by this....

.... the way to me heart....

thanks mates i had a dope weekend!


kaytahackman said...

good meeting you!

Hayley said...

So. Much. Fun.


custards said...

right back at ya!

man... so much pain sunday... fucking great wasnt it